Sunday, April 7, 2013

Label Signing Announcement: Machinist! Signs to Speedowax Records!

Speedowax Records has announced recently that, besides signing some of the greatest bands out right now, (such as Kato and Super Mutant, and doing the recent Vices/Flex split), they have upped the ante and signed Valdosta, GA, band Machinist!. These Georgia boys (and girl!) have worked tirelessly to create heavy, fast hardcore, and their work has finally paid off!

Playing hardcore in the vein of Weekend Nachos, Ceremony, and Harm's Way, this band is sure to put a pummeling, mind-blowing release; a certified banger.

They are recording in July, and their upcoming release will be out in the Fall of 2013. Stay tuned to both the label page and Machinist!'s, as they get you prepped and ready for the ass kicking they will assuredly give you. Read a review of their EP here, and get stoked!