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Review:Noisem-Agony Defined


Metal fans should take note of this review immediately, because Baltimore upstarts Noisem (formerly known as Necropsy) have just released what is sure to be one of the finest albums the genre will see this year. Agony Defined barrels through roughly 26 minutes of furious straight forward death/thrash metal played with the utmost precision, and although this is the band's first full length record, it's almost hard to believe with how perfectly crafted these 9 tracks are.

One thing is definitely apparent straight out the gate with opening track "Voices In The Morgue": Noisem's got fucking RIFFS. There isn't a single track on this record that isn't filled to the brim with mind shredding guitar solos and excellent thrash sections that channel the golden era material of thrash  legends like Anthrax, Slayer and Testament combined with the straight forward death metal assault that recalls Cannibal Corpse's blunt death metal attack on steroids. Throughout the record there is a youthful energy and voracious hunger behind the band as well, not surprising given the age of all members range from 20 years old to even younger. That fact is almost astounding when weighed against the sheer musical talent on display here, as the entire band is firing on all cylinders relentlessly throughout the album and crafting some of best written and most memorable death metal songs I've heard in quite sometime. My love for straight up death metal is in quite short supply lately when it comes to newer bands, so it was awesome to hear a record that made me recall many of the classics.

All and all, Noisem have crafted a near perfect example of death metal done right in 2013. It's an extremely promising first taste of hopefully much more to come, both live and recording wise, and another excellent addition to A389's ever expanding roster. With those feeling a rather serious need to bang your head on the regular, look no further then this rager.

Stream "Severed" from the A389 Bandcamp below:

Preorders via A389 Records soon (album drops June 11th)

Stream and Review: Wake Up Dead Compilation

New, well not really that new but latest, from Bad Teeth Recordings is the first volume of their Wake Up Dead Compilation series. This record compiles some of the best current fastcore/powerviolence style hardcore bands. It seems that for the most part, with the exception of the powerviolence/grindcore/fastcore scenes, the punk vinyl compilation has gone away. I find it refreshing when a good compilation comes out because it reminds me of getting into punk at a time where it wasn't quite as easy to find new bands online and I would seek out compilations, in order to hear as many new bands as possible. I do hope that John continues this series and I look forward to seeing it grow. With that being said on to the review....

The record opens with the wonderful Curmudgeon, a boston powerviolence outfit who have 2 previous 7"s under their belt. Curmudgeon manage to cram a lot into a song that barely lasts longer than a minute. The song is full of tempo changes and hardly repeats anything more than once or twice. Krystina's vocals are probably my favorite aspect of the band. Her voice definitely brings to mind the style of Infest and Crossed Out without sounding like another replicant/rehasing. Their is a uniqueness to Curmudgeon, who tackle a genre without really evolving from it. Often the bands I come to respect and like the most are bands that know exactly what kind of style they want to play, and rather than try to revolutionize it they tackle it straight on. This is something Curmudgeon does extremely well. You can criticize them for playing fairly straightforward powerviolence if that isn't your thing, but I believe it is undeniably well written and enjoyable music.

The second track is from To The Point, a band that until being asked to review this record I was unfamiliar with. Immediately I felt that the band had a similar vibe to Lack of Interest, and rightfully so I found out, after a bit of research, that To The Point does in fact share members with LOI. To The Point's name is a good precursor to the band's sound, they play a succinct and "to the point" style of hardcore. Overall the song "I Woke Up Dead", is a good hardcore song but tends to be oddly repetitive for its short (1:26) length. With that being said To The Point sound like a promising band and I would like to check out their two releases on Deep Six Records soon.

The next track was by a band that I had heard of previously but only by name. Listening to their contribution to the compilation was my first real experience with their music. I have to say that the first part of the song did not really catch my attention. It seemed fairly generic, however the song really comes into its own around the forty second mark, and from that point on I really enjoy the song. The most noticeable attribute of Sex Prisoner is their bass tone, Which I still can't decide if I love or hate. The bass sounds disgusting, it is loud and super distorted. At times it causes me to stop paying attention everything else, and other times blends super well into the mix.

Ok it has become apparent that I just don't really keep up with bands like I should. The fourth track, by Sucked Dry, is pretty fucking awesome and up until this point I have completely missed out on. I can remember seeing Sucked Dry 7"s in tons of distros but I never managed to grab one, I probably will now. This track is unique and definitely stands out among the rest. Sucked Dry play a discordant and spastic style of hardcore that rips. I really love this track. I have to say that the "talky-breakdown", which lasts a whole 5-10 seconds is probably the only part of the song that I am unsure of. Part of me is taken out of the track because of it, but the other part of me loves it because it just sounds so goofy. Either way this is an awesome song.

Yet again, I am disappointed in myself; how haven't I heard of Thick Skin? Currently with a demo and 7" split under their belt Thick Skin play a style of hardcore that seems to blend US Hardcore with Japanese Thrash/Noise Punk. I am not sure if this is what they are going for but to me their seems to be a total Japanese hardcore worship in their sound, that for me, is absolutely key to my interest in the track. Thick Skin's ability to kind of morph the great qualities of a few awesome sub-genres successfully into coherent style is honorable. Can't wait to hear more by these DC punks.

Ah Yes, we are now at the final track of the EP, a glorious song by the Ropes (Ex-Repos). What can you say about this band that hasn't already been said? The Ropes are just killer straight forward Hardcore, no hooks, nothing melodic (even the solo is somewhat discordant sounding), nothing but abrasive and in your face punk. I love it and it is pretty much perfect as is and I won't bore you with anymore hyperbole.

It is easy to talk about the positive and negative qualities of all the bands but what isn't so apparent is how well put together the record is. The first half of the record is leans heavy on the powerviolence end of things, and the second side is far more chaotic and unstructured. Every song on this short record is enjoyable, it flows well and ultimately ends before you are ready for it to. Go out and pick up a copy before it sells out.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Interview: Dead in the Dirt (Blake Connally)

Based out of a city not really known for grindcore (Atlanta, GA), Dead in the Dirt are one of the best grindcore bands currently together. Earlier this month the band wrapped the recording of their debut full-length, The Blind Hole, coming out on Southern Lord Records this summer. I recently talked with Blake Connally (Vocals/Guitar) about the band and the upcoming record.


Toxicbreed's Funhouse: Dead in the Dirt recently wrapped up recording the new record with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording Studio in Chicago. How was working with a producer who is also in a band as influential as Weekend Nachos?

Blake Connally: It was very enjoyable and productive. Andy has been a good friend of ours for a while, and knows our material well and how we perform live. This was extremely helpful in communicating the specifics and tone of the record. We were very fortunate to work with him.

TBFH: How was the experience of recording in another city with a specific producer different from your previous recording experiences with the VOLD and FEAR EPs?

Blake: It was our first time being able to that, and I am sure that is what we will continue to do. It helped keep us focused, without dragging every day troubles in to the studio. We were able to completely immerse ourselves in the project, and in turn helped us a make a solid record.

TBFH: Being this is your first full-length release, how long were you writing and playing these new songs before you went to record? Was this any different from the writing process for the EPs?

Blake: We started writing for our LP a few weeks after FEAR was released. Since then we have been writing slowly but steadily, and the past three months, we worked out all the kinks and wrote the last bit of material. It has been a long time in the works, and we have put a lot of emotion and thought into this record. I feel like we are finally past the initial purge from VOLD and FEAR, and we are now able to develop and go deeper.

TBFH: The new record is titled The Blind Hole, which to me generates very vivid imagery. Where does that name come from and is there a theme to the record that ties into it?

Blake: "The Blind Hole" is a term conventionally used in drilling. It refers to anytime where a specific material is drilled without knowing the exact depth, as well as intentionally not breaking the threshold to the other side. We felt this directly related to a lot of the imagery and themes in the majority of our lyrics. We have all grown and learned new things not only from the time we started the band 5 years ago, but since we have been friends well before that. Through the things we've learned, we've realized that there is no specific depth to an individual and what they are capable of, on the other hand there is no telling how shallow and simple individuals can be. Playing heavy music has taught me a lot, but mostly, for all the so called anger and passion most bands would try like to convince you that they possess; it's the same old bullshit. Whether it's someone smashing a mic into their face trying to prove their masochism, or a person screaming their heart out with words they don't believe in; it's all shallow and forced. All of the words and sounds on our new album have come from a vulnerable place, which most heavy bands try to simulate or pretend it doesn't exist.

TBFH: How many songs can we expect on the record, and do you have any particular ones you like to play more than others?

Blake: We have recorded 22 songs, but we may hold a few back from the release for another release. We will be playing quite few new ones in our upcoming appearances, and some of which we have been playing for quite some time. I am more interested in hearing which songs people prefer.

TBFH: You guys have been pretty busy the past six months, with the new record and several tours under your belt including a direct supporting slot on Sunn O)))’s west coast run last December. How has it been staying so busy?

Blake: We all prefer to stay occupied, whether its writing or touring. We love to travel and see our friends from all over, and it keeps us sane when we are at home. Being able to perform the songs live as much as possible, helps keep us motivated and focused. We are very interested in seeing how everyone receives our new record, as well as what this year holds touring wise.

TBFH: Speaking of tours, you guys are about to go on a few week mid-west run this May. Is this your first time playing the mid-west, and if not, any cities you’re looking forward to playing in particular?

Blake: It is in fact our first time in a lot of those cities. Being from Atlanta, the Midwest often gets left out due to geography and time constraints. We are very much looking forward to playing new places, and meeting new people. Traveling to me is one of the best things you can do with your life.

TBFH: Thanks for the time, anything else you would like to say?

Blake: Thanks to you and anyone who finds this, for your interest and hopefully your support.


Go see Dead in the Dirt on their upcoming tour and pick up a copy of the record when it comes out this summer.

5/05/2013 The Owl Farm – Nashville, TN 
5/06/2013 Haymarket – Louisville, KY 
5/07/2013 Brain House – Cincinnati, OH 
5/08/2013 The Brass Rail – Peoria, IL 
5/09/2013 The Sandbox – Kansas City, MO 
5/10/2013 The WestWing – Omaha, NE 
5/11/2013 Underground Rock Shop – Des Moines, IA 
5/12/2013 The New Direction – Fargo, ND 
5/13/2013 Negative Space – Winnipeg, MB 
5/14/2013 The Medusa – Minneapolis, MN 
5/15/2013 Quarter’s – Milwaukee, WI 
5/16/2013 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL 
5/17/2013 The Donut Hole – Muskegon, MI 
5/18/2013 The Halfway House – Detroit, MI 
5/19/2013 The Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA 
5/20/2013 The Odditorium – Asheville, NC 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mind Melt Ent. Announce Shore EP (Members Of Wreck, Devotion, Sojourner, and More)

Mind Melt is extremely excited to annouce the realese of Shore's 7" single "Little Deaths" (Coming this Summer) Here is the title track. Shore is made up of members of Wreck, Devotion, Owen Hart/Earth Control, Sojourner, Negative Press, Column, & Dead Weight. This is a project these guys have been working on for a longtime, and boy have their efforts come together nicely.

Check out the title track from Shore's debut single "Little Deaths" Below:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Truth release Take Control off their upcoming EP "Where I Stand"

Truth, the Texas Youth have released the first song off their upcoming EP, "Where I Stand". The song rips like Stick Together, Mindset and The First Step. Get into it.
shout outs to J Dodd and Fuckboi Ced.

FULL ALBUM STREAM: Cold Hearted- Lunacy

We are extremely excited to bring you a full stream of the brand new Cold Hearted EP entitled "Lunacy". Full stream brought to you by the dudes over at Life To Live Records. If you dig it snag a copy or two from their site!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Review:Full Of Hell-Rudiments Of Mutilation


Full Of Hell is a band that has managed to consistently impress me. Their debut LP, Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, was one of the first reviews I did for the blog and one of my favorite albums released that year. Every time I see the band live, I am consistently blown away by the constant improvement and the ever growing energy and size of the crowd each time. After Roots Of Earth dropped, the band toured relentlessly and put out 2 excellent splits with Code Orange Kids and Calm The Fire, honing their vicious concoction of hardcore, blackened grind and harsh noise to perfection. 2013 brings the release of their much anticipated second LP, Rudiments Of Mutilation, and how does it stack up? I'm happy to say that not only is this a gigantic step up from their already impressive back catalog, but frankly, this record blows all other heavy/hardcore releases that I have heard this year out of the water, no easy feat considering 2013 has already been quite impressive in that regard.

Opening track "Dichotomy" opens the album up with a cacophony of noise, drums and vocals before spilling into "Empty Vessel" and from that point on it's obvious that this is the strongest material the band has put out to date. A breakneck pace follows through the next 3 tracks until the one two punch of "Embrace" and "The Lord Is My Light" the two longest songs on the record. The former acts as a set up for the latter, building an intense and downright haunting atmosphere until flowing into the latter which tears everything down with crushing doom/sludge that would make bands like Dystopia, Noothgrush, and even Swans proud. In fact, it's quite an achievement that a record this abrasive can flow so organically from one song to the next, not to mention the absolutely stellar production job in which the band has never sounded better. It's a record that begs to be listened to as a whole and one that had me reaching for the repeat button for several multiple listens.

The real brilliance of Full Of Hell is their ability to take elements from several genres and put them together in an incredibly cohesive way: while many bands try and fail or succeed to arguable degrees of success in mixing several extreme genres together, Full Of Hell triumphs in melding the different elements of their sound together into something that is extremely fresh and always compelling. Rudiments Of Mutilation sees the band expanding upon that in all the best ways, growing as a band while still holding on to the elements that made them turn so many heads in the first place. With this record, Full Of Hell have melded a sound that is wholly their own and cemented themselves as one of the forerunners in the extreme music scene. I have no doubt that I'll be spinning this record constantly for the foreseeable future. For those who have been anticipating this record as much as I have, rest assured it is more than worth the wait, and for those of you who are unaware of this band's existence, there is no better time to pay attention then right now. A must listen for all extreme music fans, period.

Stream "Coven Of The Larynx" below:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Attention posers,
Due to like, unforeseen events, this week's (technically last week's as well) strip will be pushed back to this Friday, April 26th. Its will be the second part to the "Never Mind The Bollocks, Where's The Insert?!" Strip. Along with that a new strip will premier April 29th, which will put us back on track.

So in the meantime, go ahead and commence the tumblr onslaught that we expect you to unleash from your puter via your mom's basement. Don't think we don't know you are sitting there in stained sweatpants wearing sandals WITH socks on, and a wash-worn Teal shirt that says "don't frag me bro."

Born to lose, live to fail,

- Dade Dunzo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Label Signing Announcement: Ghost Key signs to Rooftop Records

Illinois' Ghost Key has announced that they've signed with the upstarting Southern California label, Rooftop Records. For those of you who haven't heard of Ghost Key, or have forgotten, you can read reviews of their "Winter" EP here and here.

Along with plans to tour this summer, and play several great fests, they are in the process of doing some great stuff that I can't exactly announce. However, rest assured, you should be excited, and be on the lookout for their release!

And, while you're at it, go ahead and pre-order their sick-as-hell label shirt here!

Monday, April 15, 2013



METHMOUTH are a brand new Fastcore/Powerviolence band from Miami, Florida featuring members of Featherweight and Super Mutant. 7 tracks of pure straight edge rage.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Incitement- Demo

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Abandoned
2. Visions Of Gold
3. Adapted To Survive
4. Kingdom Of Nothing
5. Bonus Track
By far one of the best demos I've heard so far this year. For fans of Arkangel, Kickback, and All Out War.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Routine Is Hell-Howl

1.Gather Your Stones
8.I Wake To See The World Go Wild
10.Don't Let Them
11.Uncommon Ground

Earlier today, This Routine Is Hell was kind enough to put their new album Howl for free download via bandcamp. This record is by far the band's most impressive material to date, channeling bands such as Modern Life Is War, Go It Alone and Verse with 12 tracks of raging hardcore punk that absolutely needs to be checked out by anyone into the aforementioned bands. This record is poised to turn heads and will hopefully raise this awesome band's status in the US. If you are into it, make sure to pick something up from their webstore (also linked above).

The Psyke Project- Guilotine

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Guillotine
2. Death Sight
3. The End
4. Partisan
5. The Mute
6. Empire
7. Ghost Fight
8. Hell Is Other People
9. When Man Became God
10. Good For Nothing
11. Menneske

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Label Signing Announcement: Machinist! Signs to Speedowax Records!

Speedowax Records has announced recently that, besides signing some of the greatest bands out right now, (such as Kato and Super Mutant, and doing the recent Vices/Flex split), they have upped the ante and signed Valdosta, GA, band Machinist!. These Georgia boys (and girl!) have worked tirelessly to create heavy, fast hardcore, and their work has finally paid off!

Playing hardcore in the vein of Weekend Nachos, Ceremony, and Harm's Way, this band is sure to put a pummeling, mind-blowing release; a certified banger.

They are recording in July, and their upcoming release will be out in the Fall of 2013. Stay tuned to both the label page and Machinist!'s, as they get you prepped and ready for the ass kicking they will assuredly give you. Read a review of their EP here, and get stoked!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Label Signing Spotlight: 13th Floor Records signs WAYPOINT!

13th Floor Records has announced today that, along with the signing of Voyage In Coma last month, they’ve added another breakout band: Waypoint. Hailing from Mississippi, these hard-working boys released their “Hollow Ground EP” at the end of last year (review here), and have plans to do a cassette single for this summer (Pre-orders will be up at 13th Floor Records on April 13th), and a kick ass 7” in the fall.

The cassette single (single will be released online on April 7th, this Sunday) will be in support of their ambitious touring this summer, and will be put on two colors (Red and Blue, because America), hand-numbered, and the first 20 will be especially unique. So stay tuned on 13th Floor’s page for further information!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Benchpress - Controlled by Death FULL STREAM

Central Pennsylvania's BENCHPRESS is offering up a free stream of their new EP "Controlled by Death" right now on Stereokiller.com.  The EP is being released in CD format via- Marked for Death Records on April 12th (vinyl to come at a later date). Silly name aside, the band has been turning heads since their initial release "Stay Hated" last year (which can be downloaded here).  Controlled By Death builds off of the heavy metallic hardcore sound you heard on "Stay Hated" but adds a stronger metal/thrash influence.  If you're fans of Ringworm, Steel Nation, Slayer, and Terror; you should definitely try out this band and release.  

-Check out the Controlled by Death stream here-
-Check out a full review of the album here-
-Pre-order the CD here-

Monday, April 1, 2013



2.I AM
3.Lay With The Worms

First recordings from new Tampa, Florida hardcore band Mushmind. Featuring members comprised of several other solid and now defunct bands, these goons tear through 3 songs of noise-ridden hardcore punk in a haze of drug-fueled chaos. I've seen and played with this band a few times now and have been thoroughly impressed each time, and I am stoked that this demo came out with the same raw intensity of their live show. Fans of Ceremony, Hoax and Pissed Jeans will find plenty to enjoy here, highly recommended.

A389 Recordings- MMXIII Digital Mixtape

Year: 2013 
1. EYEHATEGOD “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam” 
2. IRON REAGAN “Drop The Gun” 
3. HOMEWRECKER “Chained Hanging Victim” 
4. NO ONE SURVIVES “Fuckin’ Pigs” (NEW) 
5. INTEGRITY “Beasts As Gods” (NEW) 
6. ILSA “Foreign Lander” 
7. FULL OF HELL “Coven Of The Larynx” (NEW) 
8. NOISEM “Severed” (NEW) 
9. WEEKEND NACHOS “Watch You Suffer” 
10. EMPIRE OF RATS “Untitled” (NEW) 
11. PICK YOUR SIDE “Bleeding Out” 
12. GOD’S AMERICA “Fill The Cracks” 
13. LIKE RATS “Red Dawn” 
14. MOLOKEN “Casus” 
15. THE GUILT OF… “Election Of The Severed Hand” 
16. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP ‘Ghost Plains’ 
17. YAITW “Psychopathy” 
18. SICK FIX “Beyond The Map” 
20. SHIN TO SHIN “Shin To Shin” (NEW) 
21. VILIPEND “Fool’s Gold” (NEW) 
22. LEFT FOR DEAD “Kept In Line” 
23. GEHENNA “Baptized In Fallout” 
24. BLIND TO FAITH “Blood Like Water” 
25. RINGWORM “Necropolis” (1991 Demo) 
26. CYNARAE “Harbinger” 
28. THE LOVE BELOW “Let Them Eat Shit” (NEW) 
29. EDDIE BROCK “Boys Of Summer” (NEW) 
31. UNHOLY MAJESTY “Night Of Lead”(NEW) 
32. CLASSHOLE “Full Of Hate” (NEW) 
33. OLD LINES “Temple” 
34. CALM THE FIRE “Chce Mi Się Wyć”(NEW) 
35. ENFORCERS ‘The End Is Near’ 
36. PHARAOH “Spared” (NEW) 
37. JUNIOR BRUCE “The Burden” (NEW) 
38. WITHDRAWAL “Guardian Angel” 
39. NOTHING “The Rites Of Love And Death” 
40. PLEASANT LIVING “Friday Night” 
Get It NOW! (Direct bandcamp download)

Black Mold #.3 "Never Mind the Bollocks, Where's the Insert?!" (Part. 1)

(Click for hi-res)