Saturday, March 23, 2013

Singing Announcement: 13th Floor Records signs Voyage In Coma!

Today is a huge day for 13th Floor Records as they announce the signing of Post-Rock/Screamo band Voyage In Coma. Hailing from Silver Springs, Voyage In Coma plays beautiful, crushing, delay and reverb-soaked emotional hardcore that makes for kick ass records, and especially kick ass shows. I actually had the pleasure of seeing these guys at the Karate Dungeon in Greensboro, NC (a basement that holds about 30 people, comfortably), and Voyage In Coma had one of the most aggressive, emotional performances I've ever seen. A big day for 13th Floor, a bigger day for Voyage In Coma, and a huge day for music!

The record will be released on a 7", late this summer, and only 500 copies will be pressed--3 different colors, for all your collecting needs. This is incredibly exciting news, and nobody is more excited than I am that this awesome band finally got picked up by a label that will do them justice! In the meantime, pick up a copy of their two previous releases on their bandcamp!