Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Trenchfoot - Endless Disgust

Holy, righteous Hell, boys and girls; Trenchfoot is a new band from Rockland County, NY, who put the "hard" back into "hardcore." These guys present a heavy, punishing style of hardcore metal that is reminiscent at times of Converge, other times of Young And In The Way, but always heavy, and always rad. This is the kind of album that makes you scrunch of your face, mean-mug your computer screen, and bang your head till you cough up blood.

Trenchfoot is a disgusting, flesh-eating disease but, more importantly, a killer band:

"So It Goes" - Holy Feedback, Batman. My favorite hardcore device starts out the track, followed by a discordant guitar and taunting drums, leaving the listener begging for a riff--and oh, how it comes. These boys are out for punishment, and they're not stopping until you receive it.Chaotically riffing with menacing time changes strewn wherever the hell they please, this short opener is an ode to the bands before them, but also a notice that you're about to get your ass kicked. Heed the warning, and enjoy the hell out of this album.

"Conscience Consumed" - Opening with a pummeling riff, Trenchfoot bangs on this track like they're banging on your skull: ceaselessly. Again utilizing time changes, they kept me on my toes, on the hook, continually waiting on the next hit. This track is a 55 second neck-snapper, slowing down into the sludgy end of "Hate has got me by the throat. I try to stop me, conscience consumed." Evil as hell, self-loathing, and pummeling, I'm imaginary moshing the shit out of this Starbucks patio. And you will too, to your respective coffeeshop.

"Nothing Left" - More traditional in form than the previous two songs, Trenchfoot thrashes through the first 25 seconds before plunging headfirst into the slowest, heaviest breakdown I've heard since Dead Gods' album. Never too heavy to be off-putting, this track is just what you want, when you want it... As long as that's what Trenchfoot wants. Bow down.

"Cold Sweat" - Reminiscent of early Ringworm, this grand prix-speed track ins 24 seconds of aggressive vocals, scathing riffs, and drums that could very well sound the apocalypse. Whoever did the production on this album should be a priest or pope. Or both. I'd go to that church.

"Hard Luck" - Feedback and a killer lead a la YAITW opens this crazy good track, setting up the podium for the end of the world. I can't explain in words (although, I'm usually pretty good with them) how perfectly heavy this album is. Never too much, always just enough. Another 56 seconds of rumbling bass, schizophrenic guitarwork, and manic vocals.

"Trio Of Lies" - HOLY SHIT--CAN YOU SAY SOLO? The second longest track on this album (clocking at 1:15), this banger is 30 seconds of evil sludge, followed by 20 seconds of fast, thrashy rage, and finished by a sweet-ass metal solo and feedback designed and placed so well, it makes God look sloppy.

"Mohonk Blue" - Similar to the tracks at the beginning of the album, except with a short, sludge solo at the end, this track riffs through at just over a minute and, more importantly than being another banger, sets up the closer perfectly. Heavier than hell, lonelier than Satan.

"Torn" - These goddamn drums, man. I can't get over them. Don't get me wrong, everything on this album is produced with perfect precision, but it's so rare to hear drums recorded this well, and they're used menacingly in the intro, combined with feedback, as this self-destructive track closes this beautiful album. The jump in my heart when their vocalist screamed "TORN AND TATTERED," can't be accurately recreated by anything other than being stabbed in the foot with a knife. And, fittingly, they close the album on the exact same note as they started: feedback. Love this shit.

Trenchfoot is going to blow up. Writing some of the greatest, most innovative hardcore songs I've heard since Jane Doe, they mix genres seamlessly, pummeling and destroying this wax release, and making me look bad for acting like I deserve to review it.