Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review Requests: BANDS! Get reviewed!

Alright, boys and girls, a very special time has dawned on us--the time to get your band reviewed. If you think that my reviews kick as much ass as your band, email me a copy of your latest work, a few pictures, and a nice message. That's all it takes. I (Connor) am in the business of helping great bands get the credit they deserve, and get the spotlight they've worked for. So, PLEASE, if you're in a higher publicity band, please contact out other writers. I'm sure they'd love the chance to do a write up on your new Deathwish/Bridge 9/Topshelf release! Not me, though. (except Shai Hulud, of course. I'll write reviews for Shai Hulud any damn day of any damn month).

Email me at:

Have a kick ass day. And be on the lookout for a sweet BAND OF MERCY review soon!