Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Gut Feeling - Self-Titled EP

Hardcore is not dead, boys and girls, and Gut Feeling are making damn sure of that. Hailing from my home state (always a treat for me), these NC boys play fast hardcore punk with a badass, modern twist. I could write about this band all day, but I have to be consistent with my reviews, and not overstep boundaries of band worship that the 13-year old kid inside of me wants to do. Let's get to it. NC's on top.

I can feel it in my gut:

"Death By Misadventure" - Ah, the minute long song returns! And this time, it's come back with a vengeance! Fast, heavy, and menacing, Gut Feeling plows through this track with hatred and anger, refusing to settle for complacency like so many of their contemporaries. In only one minute, they drop the line that keeps the listener hooked for the rest of the EP. "Are you screaming just like me? Or have you resigned? Asleep with complacency."

"Nothing About The Brave" - Summoning the muse of bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Chain of Strength, these lyrics come from a heart set on unity, brotherhood, and comradery--all things that the hardcore scene has lost grip of, but not Gut Feeling. Through the use of measured drums, and free-form leads (even solos, hell yeah), they bring back the lost feelings that we all grew up with in the scene, encouraging a true revival of hope without being cheesy or cliche, "When the dark's closing around you, and you've got nothing to hold on to, it's the hope that survives. It's got to come from inside." Powerful lyrics from a powerful song.

"The More Things Change"- Reminiscent of bands like Sinking Ships' faster/more aggressive songs, this song, the longest song, sets out at breakneck speed and never slows down for a second. Gut Feeling has no time for dramatic breaks in their music because, plain and simple, they're on a mission. They are out to remind the hardcore community of why they got into it in the first place, and good god, they're doing a great job. All I can think of while I'm listening to this album is how I stood at the front of the stage during Within Reach and IcedxOut shows (for all you NC locals out there), and soaked up every note and every word as a 13 year old kid. My heart is beating through my chest with this one.

"Lock and Key" - The longer the EP goes on, the raspier the vocals get, and I love it. Raspy vocals kick ass, and especially with Gut Feeling--you can feel the passion, the love, the honesty in the vocals. This is no clean-cut hardcore album, boys and girls, this is raw, passionate hardcore aimed at the true fans of hardcore.  These NC boys preach a familiar message as their predecessors, but with a brand new audience to scream at, why wouldn't they? It's only necessary. "It's hard to see in a world so dark... Every chain, every cage, breaks the same... Refuse, revolt, resist." Kick ass aggression.

If you like hardcore punk, then Gut Feeling is your band. If you like passion, then Gut Feeling is your fix. If you miss the unity of the hardcore scene, then support Gut Feeling so they can restore brotherhood in your neighborhood. I have, I am, and I will. What about you?