Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Gas Up Yr Hearse! - A Banner Year For The Sum Of Our Losses EP

Listen, boys and girls, I'm going to make a statement here that I mean as one of my highest compliments, and if you take it as an insult, you're an idiot and a tryhard: This band reminds me a lot of Heavy Heavy Low Low's "Hospital Bomber" days. Say what you want about that band, but if you don't recognize that "Hospital Bomber" kicked more ass than 70% of the releases of the 2000s, then you're either lying to yourself or you're lying to yourself. Alright, that being said, GUYH! plays frantic, chaotic hardcore and they rule. This EP is 5 songs clocking in at 3:11. Convinced?

Open Your Mind:

"One Hundred Years From Now I'll Be Crawling From My Tomb" - 22 seconds of dual vocals scratching and scathing over dissonant chords, with a female vocalist screaming shrill alternates to their male vocalist for an interesting combination. I really dig this a lot, I just don't really know how to describe it.

"And As Her Hand Slowly Crept Up My Spine" - The second longest song on the EP, clocking in at 48 seconds, this song is schizophrenic as hell, reminiscent of--like I've said a million times--some of the best moments on "Hospital Bomber." Dissonant Converge-esque chords, providing an aural assault, and a scaling bass that battles the guitars frets that creep up and up. Nice little breakdown at the end. "I'm awake when you're asleep. You're always sleeping."

"Haunted By The Skeleton In My Own Body" - 30 seconds exactly, this track follows suit with their efforts on this EP: a heavy, chaotic, almost unlistenable assault. I held my breath the entire time. Just kidding. My lung capacity sucks. But seriously, this song rules.

"At The End Of My Biography I'll Be Dead" - 37 seconds of the fastest riffing, the shrillest screams, and orchestrated drums. Man, their drummer doesn't get enough credit. Having to keep up with teh guitars, as well as playing syncopated rhythms. Good showcase of this band's talent.

"That's Not Where I Remember Leaving That Coffin" - Again, the intro to this track is par-for-course, but at :21, it takes an interesting course. Adding in almost--no shit--melodic chords and jazz rhythm, they stay intriguing all the way to the end. Just when I had them pegged, they changed it up.

This band plays music that I would love to be bored by, but simply can't be. Providing enough changes in time, rhythm, and sound, they kept me hooked all the way to the end. I've never understood when bands play music that can fit their entire career's work on a 7", but this particular band is doing what they want, and--regardless of your own opinion--they're doing what they're doing well. Do I think it's at the same level as "Hospital Bomber?" No. But can it be in the next 6 months? Hell yeah. They'll have written 100 more songs by then.