Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Darkentries - Myself To You + How The End Always Is (singles)

Let me introduce you to one of your new favorite bands, boys and girls; meet Darkentries. Hailing from Columbia, SC, Darkentries plays a dark, doomy, thrashing style of hardcore and metal that rules real, real hard. If you like heavy, dark, hardcore akin to YAITW or Cursed, but also love when bands experiment with new elements, then you are in luck, my viewer. Growing in leaps and bounds from their debut, "Funeral Shoes," both of these songs are masterpieces, clocking in at almost 5 minutes each, and span the beauty and brutality of hardcore and metal. You're gonna dig it.

Palmetto State Pride:

"Myself To You" - Starting with the sounds of booted footsteps, blended with fast picking, these Columbia boys get right into it--wasting no time. Stealing the "wall of sound" from shoegaze bands, these guys are unrelentingly heavy, beginning one of the heaviest riffs I've ever heard in my goddamn life at 46 seconds, with the haunting, "You saved yourself for Sunrise." I am headbanging like an idiot in Starbucks. I can't stop. Possessed. The riff begins to mellow out at around 1:30, with terrifying singing a la Robert Smith or Swans coming in to completely throw you off guard. Perfecting the same wall of sound tactic, with immaculately-reverbed vocals, the great ambient lead in a metal song comes in at 3:00, underneath the unfulfilled, wanton vocals. And guess what they bring back at 4:32? That fucking riff. But only for 2 measures. Teased me as I began to headbang again. Kick more ass, please. Just kidding. Not possible.

"How The End Always Is" - The Swans-style vocals start this banger, but "pretty" is not a word I would ever use for them. Wide-eyed and terrified? Yeah, that would work. And the guitars and bass make sure of that, haunting the track with masturbatory riffs that scale up and down with the fret-grease of (I'm assuming) the blood of vampires and werewolves. In fact, there's no screaming at all until 2:05, when everything that's been building crashes down like the Tower of Babel, resolving into a sludgy, droning riff with distanced vocals that scream from the gates of Hell. Enter the creepiest coughing and reverb at 3:00, fastcore-style percussion, with their drummer just beating the shit out of his snare and cymbals--respectively--and this song ends with... yep. My favorite: feedback. Holy shit, that was a ride.

I'm going to say this as politely as possible, if you don't listen to Darkentries, you're not a dumb ass, you're the dumbest ass. This band rips tracks like wolverine claws and punishes their instruments like a Catholic priest. Jesus Christ, boys and girls.