Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recreant-Self Titled LP

1.I-Rick Scott Is An Evil Robot
2.II-For All The Grief You Caused Us You Should Have Slit Our Throats
3.III-Galatians 5:14
5.V-Burn (The United States' Economic and Academic Systems Are Systems Of Elitism, Corruption, and Falsehood)
6.VI-After The Apple
8.VIII-Modern Day F Word

2013 brings Florida band Recreant's debut full length LP. Mixing elements of crust punk, screamo and post metal, the band brings to mind forward thinking bands such as Circle Takes The Square, Ekkaia, and Kylesa in this release, by far their finest material to date. The band have graciously offered up the release for free download and will have the release on vinyl and tape in preparation for an extensive tour, so if you like what you hear make sure to check them out when they hit your town, tour dates HERE .