Friday, March 1, 2013

New Label Spotlight: 13th Floor Records

Alright, boys and girls! This month, we're talking about 13th Floor Records, a label based out of Fort Mill, SC. The owner and operator, Ryan Hiebendahl, has snagged some killer releases lately, so we're going to give them a little spotlight!

As you've probably already seen, I did the review for the latest 13th Floor release on Frameworks (Read Here), and I absolutely fell in love with this label's driving determination, and its willingness to give great bands the credit they deserve. Starting out a label is by no means an easy task, and to find great bands such as Frameworks and Sleep Patterns shows a keen eye, and a taste for longevity.

Long story short, if Ryan Hiebendahl was a stock broker, you'd want to hire him ASAP. This guy is going to take great bands, and give them the stage. With the support of the hardcore scene, as well as anyone with half a brain, 13th Floor Records is going all the way--hop on while you can!