Friday, March 8, 2013

Interview - Matt Brandon (ODDCZAR)

  • Alright, boys and girls: This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Brandon from Oddczar. As you may remember, last week, I reviewed them and boldly made the claim that their album One Word is the best album of the year. I still stand by it. And you should too.

    Interview questions. 'SGO!
    1. Alright, so what is Oddczar and who are the masterminds behind it?
    oddczar is Clayton Burklin, Brandon Clayton, Michael Kuhn, Tyler Brown and myself (Matt Brandon).
    2. Where did you get the name Oddczar? And what does it mean to you?

    When Clayton, Brandon, and I started the band in high school we called ourselves "Odds Are" until our friend Mike, who did vocals for the first couple practices, thought it'd be cooler if we were "oddczar". We agreed.
    3. In an age where almost all hardcore bands are straying away from writing about girls, what is your motivation behind this bold move? (I'm assuming its the AN/GUTG influence?)
    I'm 20, I don't have a whole lot to worry about. I'm a college student who has my health, I don't have much else to bitch about. And yes, AN is my favorite hardcore band.
    4. Boxers or thongs? No in between. Go.
    Boxers. No one wants to see me in a thong.
    5. What are some of your biggest influences - both as a writer and musician?
    Well, it's weird. We all listen to a bunch of stuff that is a lot different than hardcore. I listen to country music, B, Clayton and I love Dave Matthews, Tyler only listens to St. Vincent, and I don't know what Michael listens to. If I had to narrow it down, I'd have to say we strive for a Blink 182 and Modern Life is War hybrid ha.
    6. What was the process behind writing Junaluska? My personal favorite on the album.
    We started the first couple songs for what would be "One Word" in the fall of 2011. Junaluska, Seals, and a song called "VI" were the first three. We were still trying to figure out "our sound", and the sound we wanted, and that was the "slow/heavy" song we wanted to have.
    7. What are your plans for writing in 2013?
    We're wrapping up a new song right now. We're hoping to record a couple songs in the spring, we'll see. We're friends with the dudes in YAITW, and what I love about them is that they literally NEVER STOP putting out material. I'd love to constantly write good songs like they do.
    8. What are your plans for touring this year?
    We're doing three days right now (March 7th-9th), we have the first week of July booked with the goobers in Kato, and we're working on a two week thing towards the end of July. We're all students so breaks and long weekends are the only time we can really get out
    9. What label are you on right now? (I might actually move this question up to the top)
    We worked with our buddies Josh Robbins at Self-Aware, and Grant McCracken at Bitter Melody in putting out "One Word", so that's who we've been happy to call our labels. Both of those dudes work really hard, and they're the best dudes to work with.
    10. Do you think that Oddczar is actually better than (Mid-2000s Charlotte Band) Go For (Fucking) Broke?
    No. GFB was one of my favorite bands in middle/high school. I really wish they were still playing music. We recorded a split that we never did anything with. Their side ruled, I might put it up and say it was us. Call John Buchta and tell him to drop out of college and get with Nick, Adam, Tim, and Max again.
    11. What are your favorite local bands in the Southeast?
    Barrow, Junior Astronomers (both just recorded amazing records that will be out soon), Old Flings, Apart, Discourse, Kato, Muscle & Bone, Means Well, HRVRD, Narratives, Votnut, YAITW, Calormen, Black Pope, Replicas, It Looks Sad., Endless Bummer, and The Radio Reds.
    Not-so-local BFFs; Au Revoir, Sunlight Alumni, Whenskiesaregrey, My First Castle, Comrades, and Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe.
    Tyler has a solo project that's about to put out a new record in the next two months, and my other band Old Soles just put out a new EP. They're both much different projects, check 'em out if you want.
    12. I made the lofty (but I feel accurate) claim that One Word is (along with Aviator's "January MMXIII") the best album of the past year. How will your future releases continue to prove me right?
    All we can do is try and not start a pop punk band instead (new pop punk is writing songs already...hehe). Hopefully we write good songs, we'll see haha.
    13. Give a shout out to the homies.
    All of my PSTT dudes and dudettes, Josh and Grant, Buck at the Milestone, and anyone who gives a shit about our songs, thank you so much! Also, Michael Kuhn's really impressed me with taking the reigns and booking tours/handling EVERYTHING.