Monday, March 4, 2013

APART Announce New 7" And Mailing List

We're going into "the studio" in a few days to begin tracking for our next release. It will be a 7 inch EP to be released through Mayfly records.We'd like to give you the opportunity to keep in touch with the writing and recording process in an interesting way, while also receiving some limited, and one-of-a-kind goodies for free. Check out the information below to learn how you can do all of those things. 

It's been almost a year since we released Gray Light. Our first LP and first release through Mayfly records. In the time between then and now, we've experienced our fair share of richly rewarding experiences and nerve-wrecking difficulties. We're now spread across the entire east coast, and for the first time in our (almost) 4 year existence, we aren't all a handful of miles from one another. This has proved to be a challenge, but one that we feel will be rewarding, even if only personally, in the end. For the past several months we've been working on a handful of songs, and until the day before we actually begin tracking, there will still be a couple that we'll have never actually played as a full unit. So we're just as nervous and excited as you are to listen to what we hope will be a personally rewarding, and "successful"  finished product. 

For a chance to get an early look into the artwork, the track listing, the lyrics, the process behind the production of the record, and more, please follow the instructions below. 

Visit us on tumblr ( and click that little "follow" button.
Submit your shipping address to: 

We'll be shipping out "gift bags" shortly after we're out of the studio. These will be 100% complimentary, and we only require your address. 

Included in these bags will be:
- stickers, pins, prints, other swag
- a zine full of in-studio photographs and writings, the artwork for the 7" (in full color)
- surprises????? (possibly shirts) 
- some bags will include one-of-a-kind polaroid prints from time in the studio and other one-of-a-kind items that only people who receive these bags will enjoy. 

ALSO, remember, these are first come, first serve. There isn't a set number of bags available, and we will try our best to accommodate everyone's submissions