Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review:Seven Sisters Of Sleep-Opium Morals



I've been a big fan of Seven Sisters Of Sleep since their self titled LP dropped in 2010.  Playing an unbelievably heavy and absolutely vicious mixture of metallic hardcore and doom/sludge, the band immediately won me over and I've been keeping tabs on them since. Needless to say, I was excited to say the least when I was given the opportunity to review Opium Morals, their new LP and second for the always excellent A389 Records. But no level of excitement could have prepared me for how good this fucking rager of a record is, as this is far and wide the most impressive material from the band thus far.

This is also by far the best sounding release from the band yet, maintaining the raw intensity of the earlier records while managing to sound unbelievably loud, clear, and massive. Showing immense progression in all aspects of their sound, the band tears through the 10 tracks on this LP with an unrelenting intensity that doesn't let up throughout. Managing to successfully channel the soul crushing doom of genre greats like Crowbar, Eyehategod and Noothgrush, the band keeps things dynamic and interesting at every turn, seamlessly transitioning from crushing slower sections to faster hardcore punk sections and blasts of blackened metal and back again, with no riff ever overstaying it's welcome, and not a single note wasted. It's honestly one of the most addictive heavy albums I've heard in quite some time period, and it's diversity begs for repeated listens as each track is a standout on it's own and even stronger when taken with the album as an entire listen.

With Opium Morals, Seven Sisters Of Sleep prove to be a band evolving into something truely special, and this release shows a band that has truely come into their own. Until it's release via A389 in March, you can stream a few songs from the release via the links below.