Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review:Iron Reagan-Worse Than Dead


Iron Reagan could be considered a "supergroup" of sorts, comprised of members of Darkest Hour and Municipal Waste, two of Richmond's most well known metal bands. While their are certainly traces of both bands to be found here, the band steers more toward the hardcore punk spectrum, offering up a debut full length of crossover influenced hardcore punk packed to the brim with awesome riffs and all out rage. With flashy gimmicks nowhere to be found. Iron Reagan gets straight to the point and hit the nail straight from the head.

Right out the gate, you will notice the lyrical content of the album is far from a good time. After listening to Municipal Waste's ballads of partying as hard as is humanly possible for years, it's refreshing to see vocalist Tony Foresta explore the bleak and desperate aspects of trying to survive in the modern age. It's all very well written and gives you something to think about whenever you can manage to take a second away from banging your head furiously. With none of the 19 songs passing the 2 minute mark and everything running at a furious pace, brevity works in the bands favor brilliantly with no song or riff overstaying it's welcome.

Overall, Iron Reagan have crafted an excellent debut LP that clearly benefits from the musical chops the members have honed to perfection in their previous bands, while at the same time also standing out on it's own as an excellent thrash influenced hardcore record, one that will both please fans of their other bands as well as newcomers alike. Here is hoping the band is planning on touring quite a bit throughout the year and beyond, because I am more than ready to rage.