Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interview: KATO (Dylan Inkelaar)

Hey there, boys and girls. I'm comin' at you hard this week--earlier today I wrote a review on Kato's newest effort and, luckily, I got to sneak in an interview with Dylan Inkelaar, Bassist and Vocalist of this killer NC/SC band. Let's get to it! (My questions are in bold and Dylan's answers aren't. It's simple.)
Where are you guys from, and who's in the band?
Hey, Connor. My name is Dylan and I sing and play bass in kato. Our other members are Davide, who also sings and plays guitar, and Nolan, who plays drums.
Where did you get the name kato?
We took our name from the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. Looking back it probably wasn't the best choice due to there being a dubstep artist, a rapper, and a Christian folk duo also named Kato. But oh well.
What were the bands that inspired Kato, and what style of music do you play?
Um, I guess it kind of varies from member. But collectively I think it's safe to say we all kind of draw influence from GIANT, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles, and some Converge here and there. We actually started out as just a post-rock, instrumental band but I think we just got a little bored on that and decided to throw in our heavier side and then kato was born. As far as style I guess it'd be a post-metal/hardcore mixture of some sort.
What influences your material on "Came With Nothing/Left With Nothing?" Especially on tracks like "2:37" or "I will repeat my mistakes?"
The tracks off of "Came with Nothing/Left with Nothing" are songs that were pretty influenced by Converge and Russian Circles. We tried to make each song as different as we could just so the release would be fairly diverse. "2:37" is a song where we tried to take a different approach and to just write a more 90's screamo, emotional song. "I Will Repeat My Mistakes" is definitely the more hardcore/power violence side of kato, which is starting to become a bit more evident in our newer songs but then still maintaining our lighter, post-metal side.
What made you decide to release CWN/LWN as a donation/non-profit EP?
We decided to do that release as donation based release mainly because everybody in kato understands that by being in a band you have an awesome opportunity to help the communities around and that you should take advantage of that opportunity. It's just our way giving back to our home states and saying "Thank you." Donation and charity is something that we plan to keep as deeply rooted in kato as much as we can.
What are your plans for writing over the next year?
Right now we're finishing up the writing process for next EP that is going to be released via Speedowax Records on a 7" record in July this year. We go in to record in April at Lgt Biz with Kris Hilbert, who recorded/mixed/mastered our last release.
Tour Plans?
Touring doesn't happen very easily for kato, we're all full-time students and also work. But right now we're in the process of booking a short summer tour and probably doing a couple weekend runs. We'll head back out in December/January and then hopefully in the summer of 2014 we'll be doing a full US tour.
What are your favorite active bands right now?
My personal favorite bands right now would have to be Torch Runner, Black Mask., Center of the Sun, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Heartless, Oddczar, and Young and in The Way. I've also been on a Death Cab for Cutie kick for awhile now.
Any special thanks or shout-outs?
Go check out Speedowax Records, VICES, Replicas, Votnut, Headfirst! Records, Mayfly Records, and D U T C H G U T S. Cool friends doing cool things in/for DIY music.
Alright, thanks!