Saturday, February 23, 2013

Interview: DROUGHTS

Well hello! I got lucky this week, boys and girls. I got the chance to interview one of my favorite bands, DROUGHTS, and debut them on this site. This is what life is all about. Droughts rules, and if you don't like them, you're a fool. (My questions will be normal, and their answers will be in bold.)
1) What is Droughts and who is in this band?
Droughts is a loud Alternative Rock band consisting of 4 dudes that literally don't have much in common besides enjoying the music we write. I'm Will and I play guitar, Joe plays bass and does vocals, John plays drums and Nick plays guitar.
Lies... Will thinks we all have less in common than we actually do...
2) Where are you guys from?
We are from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Everyone but me are from the south suburbs but majority of the band lives in the city now.
3) FLASH: Who was better, Biggie or Nas?
I enjoy both of them but lets be honest since Nas' career was longer he's had plenty of duds so I'd have to say Biggie. Also Biggie was an epic story teller, Jesus. I do love Nas though and John likes Nas more than Biggie.

4) Since you released Unmoved (which is the most played album, as well as the most played individual tracks, in my music library), you had the Split with William Bonney, and I believe that's it. Do you have anything up your collective sleeve?
We haven't talked about it much outwardly but we are working on our first album. It's a long time coming for us since we've been basically playing the same 6 songs for almost the entire time we've been a band (which is basically 3 years now). Just know that our first "proper" release is going to stand apart from the little we've put out and hopefully showcase where we are now as a band. We are all honestly excited. The reaction we've been getting from our newer ideas have been nothing but positive so it's a bit motivating to get more done sooner than later. We were a little worried because of how different things are but it's working out.

5) A heavy theme on Unmoved was that of the inadequacy of religion. Was that intended to be a statement on the futility of grasping for more? Or simply a personal statement on the faith of a particular person? (I am of course referring to the lines at the end of "Paper Cut Outs", which you guys also renamed, correct?)
We've had like 4 names for that song haha.. My indecisiveness has caught up to me, so i think we can keep it at "Paper Cut Outs". I never really thought us to be a band that takes a strong stance on religion, but as a group we have pretty diverse set of beliefs. Those lines specifically ("you've spent a long time praying to your god, so go ahead and pray to your god") were directed at a person from my past. He always prayed to god whenever he wanted something good in his life to happen. He treated god/religion like a magic genie that would grant wishes if you prayed really, really hard. That entire song is just about how people you thought were close friends drag you down into their shit and criticize everything you worked for.
6) Boxers or thongs? No in-between. Go.
I've never really worn a thong, but I have this way I know how to tie a shoelace where it kinda fits like one and it's alright.
7) Who would you say are your influences? 
Well as an entire core we don't have many bands we agree on but we grew up enjoying bands like: Thursday, Sparta, These Arms Are Snakes, Trail of Dead, mewithoutYou, cursive.
When it comes to our music we take a lot from what we all personally like. From embarrassing punk bands we liked in high school, to older alternative, hardcore or even the drowsiest gaze based bands.

8.) what are your plans for writing/releasing music in the next year?
So far we have 2 releases planned for 2013. It's weird because for a few months everything's been prospects and lately I guess our plans are starting to feel "real" since plans are becoming more solidified. Things are slowly materializing so it's all still becoming more "official". One of those releases is a full length.
the other is a secret... 
9) on a similar note, What are your plans for touring in the next year?
We spent a week out east with our friends Kittyhawk a month ago, and we're looking to do a weekend here or there and possibly another week maybe in the spring. Who knows, again everything are still all prospects for now. We'd love to do a bit more this year, somehow.
Droughts world tour. Opening for Fall Out Boy. 

10) Who are a few of your favorite active bands, right now?
Xerxes, Native, Into It. Over It., Such Gold, Nails, True Widow, Soul Control, Chelsea Wolfe
United Nations, I can really list a lot, but I won't...
11) This is going to be a generic question, asking you if you want to give any shout outs or thanks to anybody. Please answer accordingly.
Bands we are friends with and fully support: Brighter Arrows, Thieves, Alta, William Bonney, Itto, The New Diet, Frameworks, Acidic Tree, Cloakroom, Half Milk, The Para-Medics, Steady Hands, Kittyhawk, State Faults, Alta and others I can't think of right now. Most importantly we need to thank our friend Sean who recorded everything we have up to this point.