Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review:Code Orange Kids-Love Is Love//Return To Dust


Code Orange Kids are a band most readers of the blog are quite familiar with at this point, having been on the rise since the release of their demo in 2010. Between then and now they put out two extremely well received releases in the form of the Embrace Me/Erase Me Cassette and Cycles 7 inch and engaged in quite a bit of touring before being picked up by deathwish inc for this release, their debut full length, and right away you can tell that their time grinding away on the road has been quite beneficial to them.

The first thing that hit me with this record was the stunning boost in recording quality, courtesy of the always on point Kurt Ballou of Godcity Studios/Converge fame. The recording is loud, crisp and clear and perfectly captures the raw nature of the band. The songwriting in general has taken a huge step forward, and this stands as the finest and most cohesive collection of songs the band has written to date. Given the young age of most of the members this perhaps isn't surprising, but there is a refreshing youthful energy and hunger in these songs that sets them uniquely apart from many of the bands in the scene today. The band cares little for genre conventions as well, even dipping quite successfully into post rock during the song "Colors (Into Nothing)". This song and other brief moments of calm allow for breathing room on an otherwise relentlessly heavy and chaotic record, which features some crushing slow sections that lean more towards doom metal then the band has before.

Fans of the band's previous records are bound to be more then satisfied with this debut offering from Code Orange Kids, and those who initially dismissed or have yet to hear the band might just turn their heads when they give a listen to this extremely impressive first LP. It is always great to see an exciting new band deliver on their promise in spades, and I and no doubt many others are looking forward to what the future holds for the band.