Monday, October 8, 2012

Review:Creative Adult-Dead Air


Very seldom these days is a newer band able to come out of nowhere and really impress me straight off the bat, but Creative Adult most definitely have. Featuring the vocalist from Life Long Tragedy and Purple Mercy alongside other members from great bay area bands such as All Teeth and No Sir, this debut 4 song release contains some of the most infectious hardcore punk I have heard this year. While sharing similar roots with the previous bands listed in sound and aggression, these elements also combine with the inebriated and awkward 90's grunge sound that truely sets the band apart from many of the bands currently in the scene. My personal favorite track "You" reminds me of classic bands such as Nirvana in the absolute best way possible, sharing many of the elements of angst and build up into raw aggression that made that made the aforementioned band so undeniably classic in the first place. It's these unique and sorely missed elements that make the EP feel like a breath of fresh air among many newer punk/hardcore bands releasing music today. Most definitely one of my favorite debut releases of the year, and a highly recommended listen.

CREATIVE ADULT - DEAD AIR from Evan Henkel on Vimeo.

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