Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Nothing- Downward Years To Come

Nothing are one of A389’s newer and softer signings, much like their label-mates and contemporaries Anne, Nothing provide top notch shoegaze/ dreampop, although unlike Anne, Nothing are more droney, making use of the wall of sound technique found in bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lilys, Whirr, and True Widow. Downward Years to come, Nothing’s debut LP starts off abruptly and seems to set the stage with the dissonant sounding song “The Dives (Lazarus In Ashes)” which upon first hearing it had me saying “holy fuck” once the song picks up at 10 seconds in. The next song, the title track and first single the band released off the album “Downward Years to Come” has come to be one of my favorite dreampop songs in a while, even overshadowing any song off of Whirr’s Pipe Dreams which was my favorite shoegaze/ dreampop release of recent years until I heard this album. While being only 5 songs long (which would seem to not be sufficient for an LP) the run time on each song clocks in at about 5 minutes each, and with the way this album flows, you won’t even know how much time has passed since each song seems to merge right into the next one building up and building up until the song If Only and coming down with the last track on the album The Rites of Love and Death (which while the softest song on the album, is my favorite). As stated before Downward Years to Come has taken the spot as my favorite dreampop/ shoegaze album of recent times since to me it combines all of the elements I love about the genre: wall of sound, drone, noise and even the dissonant vocals (which are more decipherable than most bands of the genre). All in all this album is beautiful sounding and will be rounding out my fall playlist now.

Rating: 5/5 I have no complaints about this album at all, if it were longer it'd be too much actually. The fact that it is 5 songs and seems to all be tied in conceptually makes it more appealing.

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