Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Mindset- Leave No Doubt

I am of the opinion that Mindset should be the biggest band in hardcore now, having a positive message, politically and within the scene, as well as stances that actually are worth backing and causes that the band members actually help with, it is crazy to think that they aren’t that big yet. With that being said, Leave No Doubt is the catalyst the band needed in my opinion, a real deal hardcore LP that is 10 songs of youth crew and straight edge passion that is reminiscent to that of We’re Not In This Alone era Youth of Today. The band even does a little nod to Judge with their rerecorded version of an older staple in their set Waste which they have come to title as Waste II (like The Storm and The Storm II). Although the playtime for this album is brief, clocking in at about 20 minutes, each song is packed with enough sing-a-long and mosh parts that you will be finger pointing to all of it. The standouts for the record are: Thrive, Waste II, and One Step Beyond (although the whole record is a nonstop assault of great songs) these songs are the ones I feel are the strongest. Mindset is a band that makes me proud to be Straight Edge upon each listen and proud to be involved in a scene where the type of messages they talk about are key. With Leave No Doubt, I see the band entering the realm of becoming a classic much like the early Rev bands were with this, their debut album being known for years to come. This is how hardcore should be, more bands like Mindset.

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Rating: 5/5
Review by Brett

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