Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Hostage Calm- Please Remain Calm

The Connecticut quintuplet that is Hostage Calm are back again with another album of their alternative/ pop brand political punk. Continuing where their 2010 self titled album left off, the bands third studio album, “Please Remain Calm” has the band polishing off the sound that they introduced on the last album but this time it seems they have come out of it with an album with even more catchy hooks and intelligent lyrics. “Please Remain Calm” seems to be more of a thematic album (more so than the self titled) seeming to talk about the American recession and the damage it does as well as songs such as ‘May Love Prevail’ and ‘The “M” Word’ (which a different version was featured on Run For Cover’s Mixed Signals Comp) which showcase the bands now well known stance of equality and support for same-sex marriages. Many aspects of this album can be related to bands such as the Beach Boys and older pop bands from the 60’s until the 80’s, the bands edge can be found as stated before in their very analytical lyrics describing the nature of American politics profoundly.

Hostage Calm are consistent in the art of making an album that leaves you with their infectious melodies in your head, so catchy that you may catch yourself humming along to the tune of it. I may be of biased opinion when reviewing this though since this was one of my anticipated releases of the year since I was of those who really enjoyed the self titled and I must say that this may be catchier with songs such as: ‘On Both Eyes’ and ‘Patriot’ being the two tracks that I found myself constantly returning to, while the first track seems to be a faster song, ‘Patriot is more like the Beach Boys with vocal melodies on top of each other making it memorable and probably my favorite song on the record. While the bands self titled diverged into the real of pop/rock, “Please Remain Calm” focuses more on pop and does a great job at that. The only downside to this record would be the fact that there is less of a rock tone on it, which makes it a much softer sound with no real biting edge but for what they were going for it, is well done. All in all, this album lives up to the legacy the band has been building and although their softest sounding effort is reaching a sound that not many could pull off well but is executed excellently.

Rating: 4/5.
Review by Brett

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