Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Heart To Heart- Heart To Heart

Not often do many bands seem to break away from the conventions of genre barriers and make a record that is as much hardcore as it is poppy but Heart To Heart seem to be an exception. With their debut LP which is self titled, Heart To Heart seem to have found a sound that any listener of Hot Water Music, Crime In Stereo and Title Fight would enjoy from the catchy riffs to even vocalist Nick Zoppo’s vocal deliver ranging from singing to yelling. “Heart To Heart” shows the band having come into their own after releasing Death Proof in 2011, the self titled shows the band brandishing a much more mature sound while still sticking to the same lyrical subjects that they had before but this time with a seemingly more heartfelt approach. “In Case You Haven’t Noticed” is a perfect opener for the album, seeming to set the table for what to expect the rest of the album to be like and even seems to flow into the next song well. There are many stand out songs on this album that I found myself listening to over and over again such as “Thanks For Nothing” and “Thanks For Everything” two songs that really showcase the bands versatility and even the theme of duality on the album, while “Thanks for Nothing is a more poppy song, “Thanks For Nothing” is a harder song that seems to go on the story that the last song creates. This album is a long time coming for this band and shows that they have what it takes to stand out from their contemporaries.

Rating: 3.5/5

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