Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review:Mourner-The Rising End


Mourner are a band from Minneapolis who play crusty and dark metallic hardcore. The Rising End is their debut LP and an impressive debut it is. You can hear a wide variety of influences shining through these songs, from the dark, grimey heaviness of bands like Cursed as well as the more punk leanings of the older work from bands like Modern Life Is War and This Is Hell. At times it proves to be a potent combination, with tracks such as "Knifes Twist" and "Darkest Dreams" containing some absolutely crushing passages. The band's slower moments are especially good, with a good amount of post metal atmosphere thrown in. This is most apparent on the midpoint of the album "Young And Ruined", the slowest song on the album that mostly centers around one riff to great effect, and most definitely one of the albums highlights. The production is fitting for the style, with just the right amount of clarity while still maintaining the dirty/raw vibe of the songs. All and all this is an excellent debut LP from a promising up and coming band, and fans of metallic hardcore would be wise to give it a shot when it comes out September 29th.

You can stream two tracks from The Rising End as well as purchase/preorder the album HERE