Sunday, September 23, 2012



Wow, chalk this up as my favorite local release from my neck of the woods this year. Devalued are a hardcore band from Miami, Florida who play a ridiculous blend of styles that can have them switching from a breakneck blast of powerviolence into a crusty d-beat section, only to have them arrive at a crushing southern style sludge section that would make bands like Eyehategod and Weedeater proud. These 10 songs are straight up ragers from front to back, and it is apparent that the band isn't concerned with sticking to a particular style at all times, which is not a problem when they are nailing every single sound they come upon. The recording is a highlight as well, loud and polished while still retaining the raw vibe befitting of the music. Although the band clearly takes their craft seriously, it's nice to see a tongue in cheek sense of humor pop in on tracks such as "Mandark" a heavy instrumental jam that contains an entertaining clip of the iconic character's (if you are an old school nerd like me at least and grew up watching the cartoon network show Dexter's Laboratory) incredibly annoying/hilarious laugh. Moreover then that, the straight energy, passion and viciousness that seeps through these songs shows a band that is obviously more then ready to turn heads. Fans of dark and heavy metallic hardcore would be doing themselves a huge favor by proceeding to the bandcamp link below where you can stream the entire album/download the songs for 5 bucks if you please. You can also check the link below to purchase the tape from also local Florida upstart Arctic Night Records, and I would recommend that fully as the tape does come with a download code as well!