Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review:Bone Dance-Self Titled LP


Bone Dance has already been making quite a name for themselves thanks to their brand of dark and technical metalcore that brings to mind the glory days of when genre greats such as Botch and Coalesce were actively touring/laying waste to the nation. The 10 tracks on this LP are by far the band's finest moment to date, as it has them honing their furious assault to perfection. From the opening lyric "It's your turn to become nothing" vocalist Morgan Mechling's commanding low end growl is the perfect companion to the chaotic and technical guitarwork, and an outstanding recording ensures that these songs sound as menacing and massive as they undoubtfully do live. Midway through the record the band throws in a curveball in the form of "White Guilt", one of the few slow burners that starts off with an excellent atmospheric intro that serves as one of the albums finest moments.It's a standout moment in an album filled with them, with each of the songs containing no shortage of memorable moments. By the time the closing track "Feral" ends on one of the albums heaviest sections, you will find yourself fully ensnared and ready to hit the repeat button. It's rare that a band can make a subgenre known for having many imitators and few trendsetters come through a sound that is both passionate, organic and wholly sincere.

And such is one of Bone Dance's highest regards, for while they take clear influence from many of the now arguably classic predecessors mentioned above, these songs prove they still have the songwriting chops and the undeniable passion to make their own mark on the extreme music world, rather then be known as another band recalling the "glory days" of chaotic hardcore/metal, when the sound was still something very unique and fresh and there was the undeniable thrill of exploring what was at the time mostly uncharted territory. Bone Dance's new LP sets the bar high for all newer bands playing chaotic metal/hardcore and is one of the must hear metal albums of the year, period.