Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mere Phantoms-Self Titled EP

1.Prophet Motive
2.Profit Motive
3.Mere Phantoms
4.Mirror Phantoms

From the band: "Three piece grime from various locations in Pennsylvania. Dedicated to ideas of change, practical revolution, support, sustainability, equality, the deconstruction of our consumerist culture, loud amps and the blast beat. Our debut ep comes with a zine that supplements the lyrical content. It has essays on issues such as consumerist culture, unsustainable environmental practices, religious zealots, and humanities disconnect from each other and their surroundings. Musically, our influences include Converge, Iron Lung, Pg.99, Deadguy, Sonic youth and My Bloody Valentine. Thank you for listening. Reach out to one another. We are Mere Phantoms."