Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In the world of music, this has to be some of the worst news I have heard in a while. Aaron Turner's (Isis frontman, Old Man Gloom) label, Hydra Head Industries has announced they will be closing their doors once and for all. Growing up in the punk, hardcore and metal community you tend to see a lot of great bands and artists perfecting and interpreting their version of that genre. Hydra Head showcased amazing artists that went above and beyond that. They released some of the best and most influential records that proved that you can do so much more with those styles if you had the will to take risks and explore the unknown.

I have been in quite a few music projects over the years and run a small label. All to which is heavily in debt to Aaron and the crew at Hydra Head. If it wasn't for them and their hard work mapping out other dimensions of what you can do in heavy music, I can say without a doubt. My music, my operation and even my artwork would have been far less interesting and "safe". Or not have been created at all.

Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. For always "changing things on the way up."

-Andrew Gomez IV

Aaron Turner's official announcement via Hydra Head's blog.