Saturday, September 8, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#51-#61)

Only got around to doing ten write ups tonight, but that's aside from the point. We have unlimited posting on this, so why not make use of it. Here is #51-#61 on my personal list of "best bands" of 2012 thus far. Remember these are alphabetical.

51. Ill Intent: Another gem from the good ole Northwest. After going through a few singers, I feel Ill Intent have finally found their perfect fit with Jake fronting the band. No yourself a huge favor and buy a copy of their newest EP "No Masters", you will not be disappointed. FACEBOOK.

52. La Bella: Unfortunately La Bella have reached the end of their road for the time being as a main member of the band is moving to Portland to pursue an amazing career goal. But that doesn't take away from how awesome their EP entitled "Recomposition". FACEBOOK.

53. Lack Of Interest: 12 years later and Lack Of Interest is still pumping out better tunes than your band. Lack Of Interest released a brand new split with Chicago playboys Weekend Nachos earlier this year and LOI stapled yet again that they will forever be one of the kings of Southern California. FACEBOOK.

54. Like Rats: Gonna take a moment to steal the "MOTHER OF GOD" line from Supertroopers. Really do not know where to start with this band. Hailing from Chicago, Like Rats brings forth a style of hardcore which could only be described as Celtic Frost, Godflesh, and a solid kick to the balls. WEBSITE.

55. Losing Skin: One of my personal favorite NWHC bands right now, Metallic Hardcore aka Slayer worship to the max. Losing Skin released a split with fellow NW heads Parasitic Skies and a brand new full length this year, and I honestly cannot wait for more new music. FACEBOOK.

56. Masakari: Dudes have laid it pretty low in the new release department, aside from releasing an awesome split with Grin And Bear It for an awesome cause. Dudes have however been tearing it up on the road. FACEBOOK.

57. Media Blitz: Orange County does a handful things right, one of which is create awesome Crossover bands. Snotty vocals over fast music you can circle pit with your grandma to, what else could you ask? Guitar solo's you say? Eddie is your hook up for that. FACEBOOK.

58. Mindset: This assumption is coming directly from only hearing two songs from the bands newest LP, but knowing how perfect the bands past material is there's not much else to expect but greatest from their newest effort. Really wish these dudes would tour California soon. FACEBOOK.

59. Modern Pain: Another gem from Texas. Dallas' MODERN PAIN threw down an incredible EP. Straight edge hardcore that's not over preachy and sounds similar to 86 Mentality, count me in.  FACEBOOK.

60. Motherboy: Another awesome local band. Sweet downtuned hardcore played by solid dudes. Think Stacey-Q, Left For Dead, and Hello Kitty had a baby. FACEBOOK.

61. No Class: Not really sure who hasn't heard No Class yet, their debut LP "Keine Klasse" which was released in 2010 was easily my favorite release of that year. This year the band has returned with their second full length entitled "Keine Klasse II" which was released through Deranged Records and to say the least they picked up exactly where they left off. One of the best punk bands in the Midwest in my opinion. BANDCAMP.

....Got lazy and decided to wrap up the rest of this in the next few days. Expect #62-Whatever tomorrow.