Friday, September 7, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#26-#50)

For those of you who haven't noticed yet, this entire list is in alphabetical order. PS I am fully aware it's September, doesn't mean I can't spend my time compiling lists of this nature. Sorry in advanced for how minimal some of the write ups are.

26. Dead Weight: In a sea of bands named “Dead Weight” there is only one Dead Weight that comes to mind, and that one is from good ole Washington. With their debut EP on the horizon, the band is ready to unleash their best tracks to date. I repeatedly say something is a bands "best work to date" but I genuinely mean it for Dead Weight. Support Dead Weight and NWHC. FACEBOOK.

27. Demonwomb: When I think about European hardcore, Austria isn't the first country to come to mind but mother of god is Demonwomb a force to be reckoned with. The bands new EP (soon to be released on Powertrip Records) is insane. Awesome crossover hardcore. FACEBOOK.

28. Desperate Living: Another local band post. Hailing from the Inland Empire, Desperate Living dropped one of my personal favorite demos of 2012 thus far. Melodic Hardcore done right. FACEBOOK.

29. Disapproval: El Monte's finest Disapproval have been getting a good amount of talk since their demo dropped, but this year the band gears up to release their much anticipated EP debut "El Monte Youth Authority". I was lucky enough to get a listen of the EP after the band wrapped up recording with Taylor Young, and all I can say right now is order this EP the second orders are available. FACEBOOK.

30. Discourse: Seems like there are more and more bands popping up in vein of Turmoil/Indecision, but few of those bands really go out of their way to distance themselves from the "pact". Discourse is one of the few acts that go out of their way to distance themselves from everyone else by pumping out some of the best "90's worship" hardcore around. FACEBOOK.

31. Disgrace: Most of you have more than likely already been exposed to the monster that is Disgrace, but this is for those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with the band. Easiest way for me to describe this band is to say Merauder and Bolt Thrower had a lovechild. The bands debut EP "Songs Of Suffering" was released by Closed Casket Activities this summer, and the band came right out of the gate swinging. 6 tracks blending Hardcore and Death Metal perfectly. FACEBOOK.

32. Divider: Divider was brought to my attention after the band released their EP entitled "Strange Lands", and I was instantly hooked. Bringing forth an outstanding blend of Chaotic and "Dark" hardcore, in which fans of Converge, Deadguy, and Botch will thoroughly enjoy. New York's best kept secret, even though they aren't very secret. FACEBOOK.

33. DNA: One of the biggest surprises of the year thus far. DNA (Destructive New Age) recently released their Self Titled EP through Triple B Records and it completely blew me away. Features members of Cruel Hand and Wake Up Call. BANDCAMP.

34. DNF: I first heard DNF sometime in 2007 and I was a fan ever since. After going on hiatus in 2008, I was extremely excited to hear the band was getting back together in 2011. This past year the band unleashed a brand new EP entitled "Hurt" and picked up exactly where they left off. One of the best grind/powerviolence releases thus far this year. BLOGSPOT.

35. Eddie Brock: Keepin' it short and fast, Eddie Brock is a three piece powerviolence band from Baltimore. Their newest EP "Brand New Day" was released on A389 Recordings (Yes, this is another A389 band on this list) and I've been listening to it nonstop since receiving it for review. 5 tracks coming in at just a little over 5 minutes total. Long live comic themed bands. FACEBOOK.

36. Empire Of Rats: Second A389 band in a row, but aside from the fact Ohio's EMPIRE OF RATS was one of the best surprises of 2011 and continued to gain my interest this year. After dropping an outstanding demo, Empire Of Rats went back into the studio to knock out a handful of brand new tracks. One of which (MMXII) ended up on our newest compilation and I was beyond excited with the outcome. Keep an eye out for the rest of the bands new material. FACEBOOK.

37. End Times: Texas doing what they do best, aka pump out INSANE bands that are heavily influenced by rad Thrash bands. I do my best to not say "do not sleep on this" but seriously do yourself a HUGE favor and check out End Times, Texas has something amazing going right now. FACEBOOK.

38. False Light: South Carolina has always seemed to pump out awesome bands, but I was pleasantly surprised with False Light. Awesome blend of Hardcore/Grindcore, uber gritty for you fist pumping fanboys. FACEBOOK.

39. Flex: Not to be confused with "The Flex" from the UK, Flex hails from sunny Southern California. Similar to bands along the likes of Set It Straight, Mouthpeice, and Final Fight, Flex is one of the coolest up and coming bands in SoCal right now. FACEBOOK.

40. Frustration: Heavy hitters from Ireland, Frustration were brought to my attention when I began to compose the first Casa de Diversion Europe compilation and I wish I was familiar with them sooner. The bands new LP "Dying Breed" was released this year via Purgatory Records and has slowly been catching my attention more and more. This band will definitely open more peoples eyes to the outstanding Hardcore scene in Dublin. FACEBOOK.

41. Full Of Hell: No introduction needed for these guys, if you've been following this site for any amount of time you have noticed my constant flood of FOH related post. For those of you new to this site, FOH is a pretty cool hardcore band, but Dave Bland is the only reason to listen to them on a regular basis. FACEBOOK.

42. Gay Kiss: Hailing from the hell known as Arizona, Gay Kiss is a force to be reckoned with. Was lucky enough to catch this band when they rolled through CA with Urban Struggles and they blew me away. Pretty hard to label a band as the "Best Punk band in America" but if I was told to name off current acts on that list Gay Kiss would be towards the top. FACEBOOK.

43. Gaza: Another case where most of you are probably well aware of a band on this list, but it's next to impossible for me to not include Gaza on the list for the best bands of 2012. The bands newest LP "No Absolutes In Human Suffering" was released this July and completely floored me. Punishing doesn't describe the newest LP well enough. FACEBOOK.

44. Ghostlimb: Ridiculously pissed band on Vitriol Records? What else is new? Ghostlimb has always been known for pumping out awesome tunes, but their newest LP "Confluence" opens a whole new chapter for the band. Always refreshing to see bands being able to blend music that feels a bit chaotic and out of control and making everything flow in a semi-melodic way. BANDCAMP.

45. Gypsy: Featuring members of Cold World, Mother Of Mercy and Stick Together, Gypsy released one of the best Emo/Punk records you will hear in 2012. Heavily influenced from bands along the likes of Jawbreaker, Knapsack, and Dinosaur Jr., the bands newest LP "Giant's Despair" embodies everything I personally love about those bands. Highly suggest checking this band out as soon as possible if you haven't yet. NO SITE/LISTEN HERE.

46. Harbinger: Another gem from Florida. I was sent Harbinger's debut release "Slumgullian" sometime in 2010, and it was pretty damn cool but the band had a good amount of ground to improve on. Come 2012 the band seemed to found their stride and surprised any and all expectations I had for their new material. "Opinion Nation" completely blew me out of the water. One of the best releases I've heard out of Florida in 2012 and I'm beyond excited for new material in the future. FACEBOOK.

47. Heartless: Heartless kept it relatively silent in the "new release" department, but they were more than active when it came to touring. "Hell is Other People" was one of my favorite full lengths of 2011, so I'm extremely excited to see how this band grows musically. Band was kind enough to submit an outstanding His Hero Is Gone cover for our first covers compilation. FACEBOOK.

48. Hexis: Amazing band based out of Denmark. Blending Black Metal and Hardcore, Hexis brings forth one of the gnarliest sounds around. Keep an eye out for new material. FACEBOOK.

49. Holy Night: The Second Cumming is finally upon us. Holy Night was kind enough to email in their debut release earlier this year and all I can say is I want more! Fans of Slices and Pissed Jeans will be huge on this. FACEBOOK.

50. Homewrecker: By far one of my favorite bands of 2012, Homewrecker came out of the gate swinging with the debut LP “Worms And Dirt”. Dudes have always been on my radar, but their new LP is on another level. More reverb. FACEBOOK.