Wednesday, September 5, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#1-#25)

I recently decided to compile a list of 100 bands that I feel are the "best" of 2012, obviously my opinion will be different than yours so don't get too butthurt if your favorite band isn't on the list. I know these posts are usually made at the end of the year, but I decided to do this now. I will be posting 25 bands a day for the next four days. Sorry in advanced for how bad some of these write ups are, tried to keep em short but some are super short.

1. ACxDC: Gearing up to release their much anticipated split with Sex Prisoner and Magnum Force, ACxDC have unloaded 5 punishing tracks that may be their best work to date. Keep an eye out for the split on To Live A Lie Records, it’s well worth the wait. FACEBOOK.

2. Adventures: A little different from the normal stuff we post here on TBFH, but Adventures are an outstanding band. Mixing Indie/Punk/Emo to create an awesome blend that I genuinely enjoy. Features members of Code Orange Kids. FACEBOOK.

3. Ancient Shores: Old dudes (mainly Joel) pumping out amazing tunes to get your fist pump on to. Split with Cynarae is due out on A389 Records soon. FACEBOOK.

4. Another Mistake: Another Mistake have been pumping out awesome tunes for a few years now but seem to finally be getting the recognition they deserve. Splits with Overlooked and FocusedxMinds/Out Of Time feature some of the bands best work to date. FACEBOOK.

5. Apart: Band has been on constant rotation for a year or two now, but this year they have definitely hit their stride in full force. Their debut LP “Gray Light” hit the general public this past May and has been on constant rotation ever since. Check it out if you haven’t yet, seriously impressive release. FACEBOOK.

6. Aukerman: Figured I’d throw some great smaller locals into this list. Fast paced Pop Punk that doesn’t totally suck, who would have thought? Shout out to pop punk bands who don’t whine about ex-flings. FACEBOOK.

7. Beau Navire: Most of you are probably well aware of who Beau Navire is at this point and time, but for those unfamiliar I HIGHLY suggest giving them a listen. Awesome band pumping out some of the best Screamo around. FACEBOOK.

8. Birds In Row: Throatruiner Records has always caught my eye with consistently releasing amazing artist, but Birds In Row are in a field of their own. The bands two releases on Throatruiner completely blew me away, but their new record on Deathwish is another nail in the coffin for them being one of the best European bands.

9. Black And Blue: Midwest doing what they do best, aka pump out some of the best hardcore on the planet. Black and Blue released their second demo earlier this year and all I can really say is I want more ASAP. BANDCAMP.

10. Black Breath: You already know em and you already love em. Black Breath’s newest LP “Sentenced To Life” is crushing to say the least. 33 minutes of relentless fury. FACEBOOK.

11. Bone Dance: I had the pleasure of seeing this band February and their live set was outstanding to say the least. Their forthcoming self-titled LP embodies everything I love about this band and more. One of the best full lengths to be released in 2012. FACEBOOK.

12. Burn Your Life Down: I do my best to not use the term “Heavy” to describe a band, but it’s hard not to when it comes to Burn Your Life Down. Embodied everything I love about 90’s Metalcore (see xLife Sentencex Records and labels along those lines). Andy’s vocal style flows perfectly for the music being pushed forth. Do yourself a solid and check them out. FACEBOOK.

13. Children Of God: You’re going to see a reoccurring trend throughout this write-up of A389 bands being discussed. It’s legitimately tough for me not to focus most of my interest in that label when it’s constantly releasing amazing music. Children Of God is a perfect example of everything I love about A389 and taking it to another level. Was lucky enough to catch the band this past May and they blew me away, first time I’ve ever witness three members of a band playing drums at the same time. FACEBOOK.

14. Code Orange Kids: Four young lads pumping out enormous tunes. Really though, watching this band grow into what they are now has been amazing and I cannot wait for their full length to drop. Tracks off the bands split with Full Of Hell came out awesome, so I’m excited to see how huge they sound after recording with GodCity. FACEBOOK.

15. CodexRed: Straight edge band from Reno, where the face tats at? Solid dudes pumping out solid tunes. FACEBOOK.

16. Coke Bust: After being a band for 6+ years I’m beyond siked to see Coke Bust consistently touring and pumping out new tunes. Their brand new split with Vaccine features some of the bands best work to date. FACEBOOK.

17. Cold Hearted: If you’re still extremely close minded on the monster that is Florida Hardcore, then I highly suggest to open your mind and realize there is more to that state than a few horrible Victory bands. Recently signed to Life To Live Records, Cold Hearted brings forth an awesome Crossover vibe. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for their new EP. FACEBOOK.

18. Colony: Another one of the cases where “heavy” has to be used to describe something. Colony have always impressed me, but after having the pleasure of seeing them live two days in a row I can honestly say they’re one of the best bands in North America right now. Their brand new LP is going to turn a lot of heads, so keep an eye on Glory Kid Records. FACEBOOK.

19. Column Of Heaven: Probably the most surprising release of the year on my end. Featuring members of Endless Blockade, Column Of Heaven’s newest LP “Mission From God” features 11 tracks which are influenced by The Yorkshire Ripper. Highly suggested for Powerviolence/Punk fans. BANDCAMP.

20. Condition: One of the few D-Beat style bands I’ve paid attention to this year. Condition was brought to my attention from a friend who had the chance to check the demo out and I was floored after checking it out. Raw D-Beat in vein of Disclose. SOUNDCLOUD.

21. Confined: Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Confined dropped an outstanding four song demo. Although they aren’t playing the most original style around, it’s pretty damn clear they know what they’re doing. Highly suggest checking out their demo. FACEBOOK.

22. Confines: Featuring members of Blank Stare, Social Circkle, and Cut The Shit it’s pretty obvious what to expect. Confines unleash some of the best tunes around and in my opinion everyone should be listening to this band, way too good. BANDCAMP.

23. Convulsions: Convul have been on my radar since I first heard their demo, but in 2012 they fully found their sound. The bands new LP is by far the best material the band has done. Keep an eye out for Glory Kid to release it. FACEBOOK.

24. Creatures: Watching the progression of this band has been awesome. Their newest LP and current live set might be their best to date, the interludes during their live set is awesome. FACEBOOK.

25. Cynarae: Based out of Seattle, Cynarae is one of the gnarliest bands around. If you’re into His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia, and Deadguy I highly suggest checking Cynarae out. Needs more pickslides. FACEBOOK.