Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten Must Hear Demos Of 2012

Black And Blue: After dropping one of my favorite demos of 2011, I was very excited to hear that Black and Blue was dropping three brand new tracks. To say that Chicago pumps out some of the best hardcore in the world is an understatement. Bandcamp. Download.

Xaphan: What else is there to say? Members of Disembodied, Threadbare, Blinding Light, 108, and Martyr AD doing what the do best, aka throwing down some of the hardest tunes in town. Comparable to their past projects, Xaphan's 4 song demo is a beast in itself. Facebook. Bandcamp (Not available for free download yet).

Vulgar Display: Hailing from Texas, Vulgar Display unleashed a punishing three track demo this July. Much like the members side projects Humanerror and End Times, the band unloads a mix of trash influenced riffs and the style of hardcore you're used to finding in Cleveland. Facebook. Download.

Trespasser: One of the best side project bands to pop up this year. Featuring members of Masakari, Ages, and Our Fight, Trespasser embodied's "Dark Metallic Hardcore" to a tee. Fans of Integrity, Disfear, and All Pigs Must Die need to jump on this ASAP. Facebook. Download.

Skinfather: Based out of Southern California, Skinfather threw down one of my favorite demos of the year thus far. 5 crushing tracks which encase everything I love about Metallic Hardcore, straight Death Metal style riffs and vocal styles are more than welcome in my listening field. Facebook. Download.

Desperate Living: Another gem out of Southern California. Desperate Living caught me completely off guard with their demo. I went to their second show and you could tell there was great potential to build off of, but I didn't expect that potential to be surpassed as soon as the demo dropped. Melodic Hardcore along the likes of Killing The Dream, Modern Life Is War, and Verse. Facebook. Download.

Sweet Jesus: I'm going to do my best to refrain from talking too much about the members past projects, but Sweet Jesus features current/former members of Have Heart, Soul Control, and Verse. Fronted by Pat Flynn, Sweet Jesus released a relatively original sounding demo in a sea of demos that start sounding exactly the same. Preview. Download.

East Beast: East Beast, nuff said. Facebook. Bandcamp (Download available).

Snakes: "HM-2 Hardcore" at its finest. Grimey as hell hardcore based out of Grand Rapids, Snakes threw down an awesome first effort as a band. Demo/EP features 8 blistering tracks that give the band plenty of space to grow as a cohesive unit. Which was shown drastically with their brand new track on our latest compilation. Facebook. Download.

Black Sheep: I will always have a soft spot for good Beatdown/Metallic Hardcore and Black Sheep hits the nail on the head. New material due out on Arrest Records soon, keep an eye out. Bandcamp (Available for Download)