Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Xibalba- Hasta La Muerte

I was lucky enough to be one of 25 to pick up Xibalba’s newest release and first debut for new label Southern Lord Records this weekend at Sound and Fury (The street date for this is scheduled for 8/14). And upon the first notes of the opening track “No Serenity” it is apparent that the band went all out. Combining a blend of Disembodied, Crowbar and Sun 0))) on steroids that kicks you right where the sun don’t shine this album is a nonstop head banging, pit ready delight, Even the lyrics for the album mirror the sound with, “No soul, no identity, no peace, no serenity, doomed to walk this earth til our dying day” being one of the standout lines for me. The title track “Hasta La Muerte” sounds like vocalist Nathan Rebolledo is screaming ancient Mayan/Aztec curses at you in Spanish and is by far the angriest thing I have heard in a while. The tracks that really blew my mind were “The Flood” and “Lujuria”, “The Flood” serves as a 5 minute interlude in which could also double as the score for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the song sounds like an ancient tribe is coming for you. “Lujuria” stands out as the albums longest track at 8:24 and is the most abrasive and hard hitting, even leaving room for a breakdown 6:30 into the song that is just a final surprise before heading into the closer of the album and now staple in their set “Cold”. All in, this entire album shows that the band has come a long way from their previous efforts and will become one of hardcore and metals heavy hitters. So on August 14th be prepared to listen to the heaviest album in a long while.
My Rating: 10/10 (on my 6th listen of this album since Friday and it only gets better)
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