Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Bottomfeeder - II

The Tri-State hardcore scene has always had a reputation for churning out some of the heaviest hardcore bands to date.  In the short time since their inception, Bottomfeeder has chiseled out a little piece of that legacy for themselves.  On their sophomore follow up to their 2011 demo, aptly titled “II”, Bottomfeeder delivers a beating in the form of four punishing tracks of metallic hardcore.

From beginning to end, this record doesn’t let up for even one second.  Between pure All Out War worship to moments reminiscent of old school death metal brutality, each track is as crushing as the last.  The real high point on the record is the last track titled “On Our Own” and features a guest spot by Chris of Shattered Realm.  The only way to describe this song would be “recklessly heavy.”  If you catch them live, I can’t imagine you putting any thought in the consequence of your actions while this song is being played.   

In short, Bottomfeeder has given us one of the heaviest records of 2012 thus far.  If you’re a fan of bands like All Out War, Built Upon Frustration, Dead and Buried, or Merauder, Bottomfeeder deserves a listen.  The future is looking bright for one of PA’s heaviest outfits; it’ll be exciting to see where this record takes them and what they have in store next.