Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stream: Fires and Floods - The Voice at Your Heels LP

Fires & Floods is a labor of love on all counts. As Matt put it, “This is the first band I've been in since I was 19 that wasn't a serious, oft-touring band that I relied on for's literally a labor of passion.”

These guys have played together for years but despite real world callings and careers still can’t resist playing and creating. fires & floods first LP is fast, dark and ferocious. The project is made up of Rob Fusco, Matt Canning , Phil Bryer, Tony Capponi, and Sean Ward. The mastering is being finished up now by Dean Baltulonis.

Rob is best known for his work in One King Down, Most Precious Blood, and more recently Recon. Matt and Phil played for Twilight Collective and Matt also played in Shai Hulud, Dark Day Dawning and xWIDOMAKERx. Tony and Sean played in Passion and Tony also played with Matt in the Dark Day Dawning and xWIDOWMAKERx.

LP will be available to purchase via Bitter Melody Records very soon.