Friday, June 29, 2012

Canyons - Volume One

Canyons - Volume One
"From Code Orange Kids to the new Mountain Man 7" to the first album from Old Man Gloom in eight years, the challenge to make heavy music heavier is not only in full effect, but to make it more interesting seems to be the true key as well. One band you may not be hearing much about yet is Kansas City's best onslaught, Canyons. Reminicent of Breather Resist's fury and Coalesce's math skills, Canyons is easily the next big thing when bringing up the terms "brutal," "unforgiving" and "smart" in the same sentence."
 -taken from Absolute
a couple days ago Canyons uploaded all their material in one easy to nab set of 21 songs

spanning a slew of releases, it starts with 6 brand new songs from their forthcoming split with Toronto's CREEPER
then 4 songs from "Can't Have Nothin' Nice" 3 way 12" split with Tigon / Foreign Theaters
6 songs from The Rufus Collection, one from a compilation, 2 from Mons Wolff split 7"and two from the out of print cd split with Regret, the Informer