Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stream: Vices- The Out Crowd Blues

The Out Crowd Blues is the debut EP from Florida’s Vices in which is being released through our friends at Melotov Records. Featuring 5 songs of melodic, passionate and blues influenced hardcore, Vices bring something that I haven’t heard in a while to the table with song structures that are memorable and catchy and as stated before the blues riffs are a cool addition to each song. Think Sabertooth Zombie meets All Teeth, Last Nights and Mountain Man but I still don’t think that gives the sound enough clarification, it’s something you would have to hear for yourself. If you’re into passionate, melodic, fast, angry and riffy hardcore then I would highly recommend this. -Brett

Preorders launch Friday (5/11) and the first 75 orders will receive a FREE Melotov Records shirt.