Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: White Lung's "Take the Mirror" Single

After a small tour of the Great White North, and being shut-away in the studio, White Lung is gearing up for the release of their forthcoming sophomore album "Sorry" on Vancouver based label, Deranged. With the bandcamp release of the single “Take the Mirror”, White Lung has proven that they’re not pulling any punches this time around. Although the band has always maintained an aggressive edge, it’s evident that they plan to run a little bit harder with that facet of their music. You can really hear the progression they’ve made as a cohesive unit, and in their general musicality. Mind you, their debut release is still one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years, and even then the guitar-work was still right on key. This time around, rather than having the guitar sit on top of the mix they’ve done a really good job keeping it a lot more tight-knit. Overall, I’d say the engineering is impeccable – nothing is buried in the mix (which as a listener, is very nice), a very clean production, and a good amount of brightness in the guitar tracks. The way the drums bang around inside your skull, and the mix of flavours the guitar delivers is like some kind of sonic salad bar with everything from 70’s UK punk to what almost sounds like borrowed Dead Kennedy riffs; all accompanied by vocals that wrap up the whole package with that screeching banshee riot-grrl style that’s best fit for destruction rather than the glue that helps bind these “four degenerates with no morals.” Be sure to check these guys next time they’re in your town, when the hit the road for the upcoming Sorry LP out May 29th.