Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Thousand Young - S/T

From the crack-infested crypt some call St. Catharines, Ontario, emerges a hot greasy mess of distortion, and black leather. A quartet of mass killers - born in a pool of battery acid, raised on scratched and warped Chuck Berry records. Thousand Young’s debut S/T release could be called a soundtrack to a midnight bar-brawl, or an alternate universe where Rowland S Howard teamed up with The Melvins. One of the things that really sticks out about this album is the heavy amounts of bounce the drums deliver; somewhat off-time, but not by much, and although the beats are fairly non-complex their drummer manages to keep them fresh by adding a lot of colourful accents. It keeps you bobbing your head, and tapping your toes. The guitar also holds a diverse blend of flavor. It reminds me a lot of Brain Banger at times, but definitely has that dissonant swing that The Birthday Party and Jesus Lizard are so famous for. I think what really separates these guys from the rest of their peers is the combination of that aggressive post-punk sound of the late 80’s with an almost SoCal influence as well. At times I feel like Greg Ginn is shredding a solo and that these guys have listened to an Adolescents album or two. As far as the bass goes, I wasn’t overly impressed but I didn’t think it did the record any harm. Personally, I blame it more on the mixing than the bassist himself. There were quite a few interesting riffs, it had a fairly textural/fuzzy tone, and it followed the drums quite well. Overall, I highly recommend you give these guys at least a listen. If you dig any of the aforementioned bands or anything Albini-esque, this should be right down the weird alley you hang out in.