Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Plagues/ The Cold Front Split

I currently hold the test press in my hands. As far as I know it is the first proper release from each band. I had been looking forward to the first proper release from Plagues because I had been following them since their days as “Terezodu”. I didn’t know as much about The Cold Front, but I always enjoy going into a record blind.

Side A consists of Plagues blasting out 4 songs. It is very evident that they are attempting an ominous hardcore power violence feel, and they do so with great poise. In a subgenre that is filled to the brim, they still seem to find a way to make it their own. The drums pack a serious punch that makes the band as a whole sound really full. Although the release lacked a proper lyric sheet, the feelings of anger don’t really need words to get the emotions across. The band makes the listener feel the progression of the record. “Unbalancing the Negative Space” is the last track and does an awesome job of giving a natural ending to a great side A. I know that the band has a live performance to meet this Side A, which only makes me giggle with delight for the future of this band and southern California hardcore in general.

Side B came around and gave The Cold Front a chance to do their thing. This being my first listen to the band, I was pleased to learn that they have a lot more melodic feel to them. They sound like Modern Life is War. I have a lot less of an ear for this kind of stuff, but they still managed to grab my attention. The songs have really clear and clean transitions. In my personal opinion the track “ Full Circle” is their best effort on Side B. The off time build ups are done very tastefully and there are some sing along‘s that will be had. I think that given time The Cold Front will be a great band that definitely appeals to the melodic crowd.

This is a good release from Irish Voodoo from 2 bands that seem to have the reigns on their sound from the first release. 3.8/5
Written by: Jason Schwartz