Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Esoteric Youth - Demo

The darker side of Hardcore has certainly come to the fore in recent times in the wake of the now defunct Cursed (who nobody really seemed to dig at the time I might add) and bands like Trap Them and Black Breath bringing back the Entombed buzzsaw tone. I for one am down with all of these elements but they do take a certain je ne sais quoi to combine effectively for an immersive and dynamic listen. Apparently Esoteric Youth (Manchester, UK) pre-empted this review and were like "Hey guys, let's rip everyone apart with our demo, yeah?" as they totally and sincerely nail it.

With only five tracks and an average song length of three minutes, this demo manages to create a wonderful illusion of being LP length without ever outstaying it's welcome. The textures and variety in each song give the listener a really immersive listen that appears to slow down time and leave you headbanging/punching the wall without realising how quickly it's all racing by. Ideal for headphone listening and Room Mosh in equal measure.

Raw production without being biscuit tin treble or recorded-in-the-next-room muffled, engaging Black Metal tremelo sections and tortured vocals coalesce with aforementioned buzzsaw tones and ethereal dynamics through the tasteful use of effects and tempo changes to create the Hardcore equivalent of Megazord stagediving right on to your head at a Nails show. At times sounding akin to punky-crusty peers such as Young And In The Way whilst exchanging high fives with the grimm spirit of Norway circa '93, Esoteric Youth have a bright (I mean dark, very, very dark) future and their next release is sure to be as vicious and bile-filled as you'll come to know and love once you've wrapped this demo around your ears.

In other words, this is heck of good and you really should check it the flip out.