Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Bottom Out - Mourning

Long Island's own Bottom Out's debut EP. This record takes a ton of influence from All Out War and Merauder. Every song is filled with great mosh parts and awesome 90s metalcore riffs similar to Arkangel and All Out War. No corny mosh parts either. All of the songs are very consistent. Every part transitions really well into the next. The lyrics are real personal and deep. Well written, too. Not some corny 'I hate myself kill me' type shit. Vocalist Larry's voice is pretty unique. Sorta high pitched and strong. On track 3, Home, Vitalo from Backtrack has a sweet guest vocal part. Great placement and use of his voice. No Heaven is the stand out track though. There's a part where it slows into a great pre-mosh part and then an ass-whooper breakdown happens. The 5th and final song, Ashes, is the best way to end the EP. This song is so damn catchy and the build up to the breakdown and the breakdown is perfect. Long Island mosh pit anthem. This record should be out soon. Try and catch this band live if you get the chance. They don't play off of LI very often, but are a great live band.

This record has been recorded for about a year and I've listened to it like 500 times.