Thursday, April 26, 2012

Texas Instruments. Baitfish. Battle Royale. Regret, the Informer- Split

Year: 2012
1. Texas Instruments- RC-P90
2. Texas Instruments- Troost
3. Texas Instruments- Get on your Mammoth, Bitch!
4. Baitfish- Ignorant
5. Baitfish- Take Back the Hunt
6. Baitfish- Oh My God, Is That David Bowie Are You Ready To Go Back To The Seventies
7. Baitfish- What a Faker, She Wasn't Dead At All
8. Baitfish- Building On Buildings To Never Be Built
9. Battle Royale- ...But It Still Sucks
10. Battle Royale- Mark, Service Champion
11. Battle Royale- What The Fuck Was The Scene From That Movie
12. Regret, the Informer- Old Newman
13. Regret, the Informer- Love Less
14. Regret, the Informer- Family Portraits
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