Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Countdown To Oblivion- Discography Review

Sometimes there are certain people that you can just always expect great things from. Chris Colohan has easily one of the most impressive bodies of work behind him; with, I am only certain, more coming along. Every band Chris has been in is devastating, fast and intense. I was excited to get the opportunity to review the Countdown to Oblivion discography, soon to be released by A389 records, because I actually just recently stumbled on the band myself. I was very familiar with Chris’ other work but for some reason had never CTO and I was missing something really amazing.

Never heard CTO? What you can expect then is straight forward fast hardcore, similar to Left For Dead and The Swarm, but with a fusion of metallic riffs that keep the songs in a constant state of progression. The songs are short; all clocking in under 3 minutes, but the short works are packed to capacity full of diverse riffs and continually changing speeds. I think the most unique attribute of the band’s catalogue is the use of gang chants that give the songs an old school punk vibe. The band is really an eclectic hodgepodge of genres but somehow CTO really makes it work. The vocals come in and out, creating a constantly tense feeling, never entirely sure when the record is going to blast you with vocals or not.

While the LP is a discography of the band’s various releases, it really works well as a single unit. The album has a good flow, and the quality from song to song doesn’t waver too much as is often seen in many discographies. While most people probably know Chris solely for his work as vocalist of Cursed, I highly recommend his other work because all the bands he has been in including CTO have been great. Pick up the LP when A389 releases it you won’t be sorry.

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