Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review:The Love Below-Every Tongue Shall Caress


After a well received demo and a few excellent follow up releases including an EP and a split with fellow labelmates Homewrecker last year, The Love Below return in 2012 with their first LP, Every Tongue Shall Caress. It is easy to tell from the get go that the band has been sharpening their edges and perfecting their particularly grimey brand of snotty hardcore punk as they rip through the first part of the record, and things take a turn for the particularly ugly (in a good way) when the crushing downtempo dirge of the song "Uncomfortable" hits. While many hardcore bands pride themselves in being raw and abrasive, there is a sincere and palpable feeling of pure filth that permeates from every element of the band's sound on this record, and it comes together to form one of the most entertaining and addictive listens from a hardcore record yet this year. Fans of the band's earlier releases will definitely not be let down, and for the people who are unfamiliar this is an excellent starting point. Hell, one look at the cover art should be enough for you to check it out based on merit alone. Another above average hardcore release from A389 Records, highly recommended. Every Tongue Shall Caress will be available on the A389 Records webstore starting midnight on April 1st, so check back at the link below then to order a copy.

A389 Records