Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review:Rise And Fall-Faith


Rise And Fall are a band that don't need much of an introduction in 2012. In 2005 the band dropped Into Oblivion, a near perfect collection of crushing hardcore heavily influenced by Cleveland legends Integrity and Ringworm. Four years and several overseas tours later the band dropped Our Circle Is Vicious, a record that saw them expand out into more experimental post metal territory. Faith is again an evolution for the band, a refined combination of sounds from the previous records that still manages to stand out as it's own beast entirely. Every song has it's own unique dynamic;While the more straightforward hardcore ragers that open the album are brief and contain some of the heaviest and most focused material from the band to date, midway through the band truely hit their stride as they branch out into unfamilar territory, from the hypnotic post rock section in "Things Are Different Now" to the opening riff of the song"Breathe" that could have been pulled straight from the Jesus Lizard. These are welcome surprises, as the band handles them with the utmost quality and they always fit perfectly within the context of the songs, never feeling cheap or unecessary. As a whole, this album manages to please longtime fans whole growing exponentially as a band and artists in general. With Faith, Rise And Fall have crafted a modern hardcore masterpiece that even this early in the year will be hard to top.

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