Saturday, March 17, 2012

REVIEW: Wild Flag "S/T" LP

Needless to say if you have been a fan of Sleater-Kinney, Helium or The Minders from back when, you definitely have heard of the current "super-group" Wild Flag. Or you really, really need to. Mary, Janet, Rebecca and Carrie has always struck me as a women of unusual genius in music. And especially Carrie in comedy (Portlandia). This LP is nothing short of that continuum.

This is first serving from this veteran female outfit and there is NO need for an introduction with an EP. Wild Flag delivers 11 tracks of dynamic indie rock tendering with punk, with a medley of other genres to boot. The opening track entitled "Romance" kicks in the door with relentless riffs and catchy motion, setting the tone in overdrive for the rest of the play. Cooling down a bit from the up-paced momentum at the halfway mark you start to get tracks like "Glass Tambourine" and "Electric Band" that really flexes their classic rock muscles, I feel some Beatles worship for sure in those tracks. Although this material is "next level" you surely hear signature "Sleater" sound with Carrie's charismatic vocals weaving and bouncing throughout. This album tapers off very well with numbers like "Racehorse" that keep your foot tapping and your lips moving. Its finishes off just as strong as it came in. Sidenote: They have recently completed a short tour in march which I am still kicking myself in the head for not making it out the Portland date.

I am also glad to see that these girls are back in the game and are really displaying their true skill in composition with flare. Mary and Carrie and the others have no shame throwing down licks at every opportunity given. Something you definitely didn't hear in their past projects. I don't know if those limitations stemmed from the Riot Grrrl movement in which they were associated with. Where bands under that banner never seemed motivated to excel in skill, but rather use music more for a platform to open dialog for feminism and radical politics. The more I listen to this album the more things I discover that I didn't hear before. Its truly a comprehensive album with many layers and well thought out arrangement. Awesome replay value, catchy and very accessible if you have never heard of Sleater or their other past projects.

This album is available via Merge label in a 12" LP format which includes a digital download card. Treat yourself.

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