Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Black Breath- Sentenced to Life

No surprise, Southern Lord has released another gem to add to their massive list of amazing albums. Black Breath’s new LP “Sentenced to Life” is the perfect blend between aggressive vocals and riff driven metal that shows the listener that this band is not to be taken lightly.

If you have listened to older releases by Black Breath, especially “Heavy Breathing”, this album will not disappoint. “Sentenced to Life” is a progression from their old albums while still maintaining the raw and punishing sound they have become associated with. “Heavy Breathing” is not an easy album to follow up but “Sentenced to Life” has managed to surpass my high expectations for Black Breath releases.

The guitar tone on this album is reminiscent many of the death metal greats with a Sunlight Studios kind of sound. The buzz saw effect on the guitars allows for the complex melodic and rhythmic patterns to come through clear while still allowing the listener to enjoy the metallic and harsh sounds they produce. The song “Obey” stands out the most, which ends with a doubled guitar solo followed by driving drums and second guitar while the first guitar continues to float above the band in a realm of metal greatness.

I have seen Black Breath a few times live and they are never one to disappoint. I cannot wait to see the new songs live and join in the furious head banging that will ensue. Until then I will be listened to this album on repeat. Buying this album might just be the best purchase you make all year.

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