Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review:Pale Creation-Twilight Haunt


Channeling the signature metallic hardcore sound of fellow Cleveland peers Integrity and Ringworm, Pale Creation originally released Twilight Haunt in 1999 and it still stands as their only full length record. Based on the very small number of times I've heard this band mentioned it seems the first release slipped under the radar of many at the time and to this day, quite a shame considering how outstanding this record really is. While this band does dabble in a sound not unlike the bands mentioned above, they also inject a heavy handed does of gothic atmosphere into the songs that gives them their own unique feel. Twilight Haunt is a true rarity, a metallic hardcore album that heavily dives into the more experimental territories of metal and succeeds with flying colors. Pale Creation recently played the A389 Records Bash in January, so here is hoping they are once again active and here to stay. While the limited vinyl reissue of this album has been sold out for quite sometime, it is more then worth it to purchase a digital copy from the A389 Records webstore. Hopefully with this wider release of the record, more people will get a chance to discover an album that simply needs to be heard by all fans of the more experimental side of metallic hardcore.

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