Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Wild//Tribe- Endless Nights

Crushing Japanese Hardcore. American Crusty D-Beat. Motorhead infused Riffs. Like what you are hearing? Then you will absolutely love Wild//Tribe’s debut album Endless Nights. The album is the perfect blend of Texas style hardcore (think World Burns to Death, Spazm 151, etc), mixed with a total love for Japanese Hardcore that bleeds through the vocals and melodies/solos (that are virtually ever-present throughout the release) all packaged in 10 d-beat driven songs. It is sometimes hard to review records by bands you are close to, but I can safely say that every bit of positivity I attribute to the record comes, not from my friendship with Wild//Tribe, but with their absolutely crushing song-writing and performance.

Wild//Tribe (ex Unit 21) opens the release with Broken Head, which just over 2 minutes of crushing hardcore that doesn’t slow down for anything. The record isn't all about speed though. The band isn’t afraid to really experiment with their sound and with the last track, Midnight Tribes, really display how talented they are. The almost ballad-like track both showcases the expertise of both guitarists and allows the dual vocalists a chance to really develop in a way that fast riffs don’t always allow. Bands with two vocalists can be tricky, but Wild//Tribe blends each together in a unique way; they don't just simply wait for each other to finish before starting, nor do they have songs for each singer. Wild//Tribe instead using both vocalists talents and matches them against each other in an almost constant onslaught. The vocals are not afraid to overlap, and in the end they construct, in my opinion, one of the most successful uses of what otherwise could be a very disastrous thing.

The record, past being written well, sounds powerful(being both recorded and mastered by Jack Control of World Burns to Death/Severed Head of State). What you can expect from this release is a polished package of heavy-hitting songs, that will also stay in your head for days. This is not however just a release for die-hard d-beat/crust fans but seems to have a little bit of something for everyone. Don’t sleep on this album.

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