Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review:Ringworm/Mindsnare Split


As the year comes to a close in the coming months there are still quite a few exciting hardcore releases coming down the pike, including this scathing split 7 inch featuring Cleveland hardcore legends Ringworm and Melbourne, Australia's Mindsnare. Ringworm contribute two previously unreleased tracks worth the price of admission alone.Fans of the band will most definitely not be let down by these admittedly short but extremely heavy/vicious tracks featuring some of the best riff's I've heard from the band in quite some time. The real surprise for me concerning this split were the two crushing tracks from Australia's Mindsnare, a band I was previously unfamiliar with but will be extensively checking out after hearing their side of this split. These two songs contain some of the heaviest hardcore I've heard this year, and frankly I felt like kicking myself knowing I had been unaware of their existence for so long. A389 continues their string of excellent releases with one of the best split's I've heard all year. Any fan of heavy metallic hardcore owes it to themselves to check this record out. Also to be noted is the awesome artwork and the fact that it comes with a comic book which is a straight up outstanding addition to anything, let alone a 7 inch.

Stream a song from both bands on the split here
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